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15 Kettle-bell Exercises You Should Use

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Kettlebells exercises can offer a highly effective workout. It can boost your overall strength and cardiovascular fitness; it can possibly increase your flexibility and balance too. We present to you 15 Kettlebell exercises that you should employ in order to harness maximum efficiency and fitness.

1. Kettlebell Deadlift

It targets the glutes, quads, and back. To perform it perfectly you need to stand with feet hip-width apart, arms at your sides and place a kettlebell adjacent to each foot. Engage your core and abdominal muscles throughout the exercise while breathing normally.

2. Kettle Single Arm swing

This Kettle Single Arm swing targets the glutes and quad. You can execute it by standing with feet hip-width apart and place a kettlebell between your feet. Set your shoulders and brace, maintaining these contractions throughout the exercise.

3. Turkish Half get up

This Kettlebell exercise targets the abs and the core. Lie flat on the floor with your right leg in a bent knee position and a Kettlebell placed close to your right shoulder. Using both arms if necessary, pick up Kettlebell and rest it against your forearm while maintaining a neutral wrist.

4. Kettlebell push up

This Kettlebell exercise is useful to enhance endurance of chest, triceps, and core. Just simply perform a pushup with Kettlebell in each hand.

5. Kettlebell single arm row

It targets back, bicep and core. Assume the push-up position but place one kettlebell beneath the left shoulder. Open your stance and widen your body to help stabilize it. Repeat.

6. Kettlebell walking lunge

This kettlebell exercise targets Quads and hamstring. Stand with both feet together while holding a kettlebell close to the chest. Initiate lunge movement slowly and gradually.

 7. Kettlebell Shoulder Press

This kettlebell exercise targets the shoulder and triceps. Stand with both feet together while holding a kettlebell in your right hand. Set your shoulder and brace, maintain this contraction throughout the exercise.

8. Kettlebell Halo

This exercise targets the core area of the body. Stand with feet hip-width apart while holding a Kettlebell in both hands. Set your shoulder and brace while maintaining contractions throughout the exercise.

9. Russian Kettlebell Swing


This exercise is useful for back, hips, glutes, and legs. The perfect Kettlebell swing requires you to stand up straight with a feet bit wider than a hip distance apart, maintain a slight end knee and drive the hips back, lowering the body but not too low. Then in a fluid motion, drive the hips forward while swinging.

10. Single Arm Kettlebell Swing

This exercise targets the leg and core. This movement is just like two-handed swing but uses one hand at a time.

11. Two Arm Kettlebell Row

This exercise targets the backs arms, and shoulder. Grab two kettlebells with knees slightly bend and in a leaning position pull the kettlebells in a rhythmic motion.

12. Kettlebell Figure 8

This Kettlebell exercise targets the arm, back and abs. Grab the Kettlebell from the right hand and swing it around the left leg. Repeat the same for the left hand.

13. Kettlebell Goblet Squat

This exercise targets legs, glutes, and back. Just keep the Kettlebell at the weight of your chest and perform to squat.

 14. Kettlebell high pull

This is useful for targeting arms and legs. Place the kettlebell on the ground between both legs. Grab on to the handle with both knees bent and hips back. Keeping the core engaged move the weight down again and pull.

15. Kettlebell Russian twist


This kettlebell exercise target abs and obliques. In a crunch, position place the kettlebell at your chest and perform the twist at a 45-degree angle.

Knowing some kettlebell exercises can provide some high-intensity workouts that are strength focused while also increasing cardiovascular ability. This becomes important as when you get fitter and stronger, toning your body will rely heavily on your cardiovascular strength.

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