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22 Camphor Benefits To Improve And Boost Overall Health

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Camphor is a magical remedy to cure multiple problems from healing the skin to relieving stress, camphor benefits are vast!

What is Camphor?

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Camphor is an inflammable solid with a strong aroma with the chemical formula C10H16O. It is found in the wood of the camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree found in Asia. It also grows in some other related trees in the laurel family, notably Ocotea usambarensis. The oil in rosemary leaves, in the mint family, contains 10 to 20% camphor, while camphorweed (Heterotheca) only contains 5%. Camphor can also be synthetically produced from oil of turpentine. It is used for its scent, as an ingredient in cooking, as an embalming fluid, for medicinal purposes, and in religious ceremonies. A major source of camphor in Asia is camphor basil.

The Processing Of Camphor

At first pine trees are cut for a resin they exude, which is- Oleo-Pine Resin. This resin then heated up into two components namely Rosin and Pine Turpentine. Pine Turpentine contains many ingredients like Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, and other terpene hydrocarbons. Almost 30% of the pine trees are cut every year in order to produce the camphor, out of which the amount of camphor obtained is only 20%. So, basically, a wastage of complete 10% happens. It is said that this 20% of camphor is the purest form of camphor, which is sold in the market but has been added with preservatives to extend its expiry.

How does it work?

Camphor is a great remedy to cool and soothe an area with inflammation or burns. You can either apply it directly onto the area or mix it with turmeric or other ingredients for more effectiveness. Edible camphor has a mild flavor and shouldn’t be confused with the other form as it can be fatal.

 Edible Camphor Benefits

  • Camphor may as well help in enhancing sleep quality.
  • Mix camphor with a pinch of salt and warm water and drink it daily to make your skin glow.

List of Camphor Benefits

1. Camphor Benefits for skin

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One of the first cosmetics company to release camphor in their products claim that it is a magical ingredient. However, they slowly discontinued such productions due to various reasons. Yet no doubt it avoids itchiness and redness and also improves the skin’s texture. You can use it on a daily basis by mixing it with warm water and apply to the darker areas of your body to reduce darkness and pigmentation of any kind.

2. Pain Reliever

As said earlier, its effectively helpful in easing pain and inflammation. After applying it, you may feel a slight tingling, warming, or a cool sensation. However, you should not worry about that as it’s a part of its healing process. There are multiple camphor products like lotions, creams, and sprays that you may find in the stores. In order to relieve the pain, you may have to keep applying it for a series of days.  In case you don’t find camphor products in stores, you can refer to the home recipe at the end of this article.

3. Heals the Burnt Areas

Camphor balms and ointments heel wound very nicely leaving no sign of the wound. The ointments contain a formula of sesame oil, curry leaves, and honey mixed with camphor. You can even prepare this mixture at home and store as an emergency lotion.

4. Treats arthritis

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Over-the-counter topical ointments may be effective in relieving arthritis pain and swelling. The hot or cold sensations that arise after application may distract you from the pain. To use, apply the cream to the joints several times a day.

5. Treating the Toenail fungus

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The antifungal properties of camphor can also help in treating sore toenails. Simply, warm up your feet and apply camphor or an ointment directly to the area. Keep the ointment on for 15 minutes before letting it rub off. You should repeat this for at least a month to notice considerable results.

6. Congestion and Coughing

Camphor is also helpful in clearing congestion and easing coughing. Add two-three camphor to hot water and take a steam of that water. You must inhale the vapor for at least 5 minutes for best results. This may as well help you achieve healthy and glowing skin.

7. Antispasmodic

Since the olden days, people use camphor as a muscle rub to ooze out stiffness and relax cramps. It’s also helpful in calming the bloating during a menstrual cycle.

8. Freshness

While sleeping at night, burn some camphor and cloves. Do this every day for a couple of weeks to keep your home fresh to keep mosquitoes and bugs at bay.

9. Camphor Oil

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Camphor oil available in the market is good at burning lamps at home as they consume less oil a the same time burn very efficiently.

10. Skin itching

Camphor can relieve skin itching and make the skin cooler — so the next time your skin itches, simply rub some camphor on it.

11. Pain reliever

Camphor can be used as a pain reliever and can be directly rubbed on the skin. It instantly relieves pain and calms the skin down.

12. Soothes burns

You can use camphor for minor burns as well. All you need to do is to rub some camphor oil on the affected area and let it sit for some time. The burn will soothe down after a while.

13. Camphor Benefits For Acne

Camphor for acne

Camphor can help cure acne by reducing the redness and inflammation of the skin. Just apply some camphor on your acne before you hit the bed and your acne will start to disappear slowly. Also, you can make a mixture of turmeric powder, a pinch of salt and camphor and apply it on your skin daily for at least 3 times a month, you will observe a huge difference in your skin.

14. Eczema

When you are suddenly plagued by a skin condition such as eczema, then simply apply some camphor on the affected area. It works a great deal to reduce the itching and the inflammation.

15. Detox

Camphor is consumed along with warm water every morning to detoxify the body, although it is recommended only once in a month as it has high effects directly on the intestine.

16. Cracked heels

cracked heels

Camphor creams can work wonders for cracked heels. Simply dab on some cream on your heels, wear socks for 30 minutes and hit the bed. Your feet will begin to feel soft in no time. Even if you have smooth heels and if you apply camphor twice in a week then you are sure to avoid all the knee fatigues and cramps in your old age.

17. Skin rashes

Sometimes, we develop a skin rash as an allergy to anything we wear or even something that we have eaten or came across. Camphor dissolved in water can quickly alleviate the rash and make it vanish in a couple of days. As mentioned earlier it has direct effects on intestine so try adding a pinch of salt and sugar with the drink to calm the effect of the drink.

18. Camphor Benefits For Haircare

Camphor oil can make your hair look bouncy and healthy and massaging some into your scalp also relieves vertigo, sinus and the common cold. Also, you can crush camphor or just drop in 2-3 camphor in the oil and use it every time you go to shower.

19. Lice and bugs

If you scratch your scalp a little too much, you might be infested with hair lice. Simply massage your scalp with some camphor oil and wash off your hair after some time. You can also use the same mixture to avoid dryness, itchiness, dry scalp and dandruff.

20. Antioxidant

Camphor is also known as an anti-oxidant that kills away from the free radicals in your body, thus preventing many liver diseases and tissue ruptures. It also prevents heart trouble, that is the reason why heart patients are asked to passive smoke the camphor to reduce the effect.

21. Relives gastric trouble

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Due to erratic eating patterns, all of us fall prey to gastric troubles at some point or the other. Edible camphor works as a quick relief from gas and other stomach related issues. You can use camphor directly in your food by using it as a seasoning over any dish or while preparing the food to overcome all the gastric problems at once.

 22. Camphor Benefits For Home

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Burning camphor not only regenerates the whole area but also will give a fresh fragrance and soothing environment.  Place a bowl of vinegar and add a square of camphor into it. Leave the bowl in every room that needs cleansing. Replace them every day for 40 days; all negative energies in the space will be cleared in your home. Some Asians also believe that if you tie a bunch of camphor at the entrance of your house it absorbs all the dust particles along with the negative energy entering the house. Moreover, turmeric and camphor are a great remedy for beauty purposes. All these camphor benefits are a natural counter to the commercial creams and lotions or medicines that we use in our daily life. Substituting the chemically treated products with camphor can lead us to a proportionately healthy lifestyle.

BONUS: Save this Infographic for future reference:

Infographic on benefits of burning camphor at home

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