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Aloe Vera for Nail Growth | Aloe Vera Benefits For Nails

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Wondering why should you use aloe vera for nail growth? Well, this article can answer your every question and guide you to use aloe vera for nail growth!

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It is challenging to maintain our nails, and due to this, we prefer to book our appointments in the salon for manicures and pedicures, monthly. In some cases, people get worried about their nail growth because, for some, they don’t grow while, for some, they grow peculiarly.

There could be many reasons for such type of growth, which include discoloration or nail separation, too: any nail injury, viral warts, infection, or any medical condition could be the reason behind deformity. But there is no worry as it can be cured through various techniques and natural homemade recipes. It just needs regular maintenance and care. But certain nail conditions like bumps, rosy tinge upon the nails can secretly reveal any illness or disease in the body which should be kept in mind always.

Aloe vera is one such essential plant that includes all the skin-friendly elements that are needed for perfect health, including the nourishment of the skin. Whatever cream you buy for acne contains aloe vera for calming your skin. This plant is easy to grow and harvest as well as it’s less expensive. Once it’s grown, you can get ample aloe vera, and it can be used daily for a variety of benefits, or you can buy it from the market as well. Take a sharp knife and cut a single stalk of it, carefully peel off the flat portion of it, and scoop out the gel in a bowl. This gel has many benefits: it treats the burns and revitalizes the skin.

Aloe Vera For Nail Growth

Aloe Vera for Nail Growth2

Aloe vera has taken place in the world of beauty as well. It is used in almost every moisturizer, toner, serum, and other make-up products. There are specific vitamins that are necessary for healthy nail growth and a majority of them are present in aloe vera.


It is an essential vitamin for the absorption of iron and the development of red blood cells. All this is necessary for keeping the nails healthy, and it also carts oxygen to the nails. Green vegetables, eggs, and all dairy products include B12. The deficiency of B12 makes the nails look entirely blue. Aloe vera contains B12 in an ample amount.


You must have seen the vertical ridges on your nails. It is due to the deficiency of magnesium in the body. Therefore, consuming or using aloe vera would be an excellent remedy to cure it.


Aloe vera has protein as well. All the strength and resilience you see on your nails have come from keratin. It is a fibrous structural protein from which nails are made. The deficiency of protein would result in brittle nails.


Sometimes our nails appear dry while we want it to be shining. Omega 3 fatty acids help in giving nails a beautiful appearance. Aloe vera contains it and is apt to lubricate your nails.
All these vitamins are present in aloe vera and help the nails to be perfect and smooth. Let’s see how to use it.


1. The simplest way to use aloe vera is to apply the gel directly to the nails.
2. Rub and give them a massage for 5 minutes.
3. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse them off with lukewarm water.
For better results, you can use coconut oil and olive oil along with aloe vera in an optimum amount as it contains vitamin E, which is necessary for nails. Just dab this mixture to your cuticles and leave it overnight, daily.

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