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How To Use Aloe Vera For Skin During Pregnancy

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Can you use aloe vera for skin during pregnancy? This article will answer all your questions and guide you to use it correctly.

Aloe vera is best known as the post-burn healer. However, this gel has a wide range of uses and can be very beneficial during pregnancy when used correctly.

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Never Take Aloe Vera Internally During Pregnancy

Most commonly, aloe vera can be found in two different forms: gel and juice. When applied topically or taken orally, both can benefit your body. However, if you are pregnant, using aloe vera orally in a juice or other form can be dangerous! Mom Junction explains how aloe vera can impact your body. Aloe contains latex which can cause low blood pressure, uterine contractions, and intestines imbalance. These side-effects of aloe can result in miscarriage, congenital disabilities, constipation during pregnancy, or unusual heart rhythms. Even during breastfeeding, the aloe vera properties can be passed onto the baby. This can give your baby indigestion, diarrhea, or constipation. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, try to stay clear from aloe juice or any other internal uses of aloe vera, unless you have specific information from your doctor.

Aloe Vera For Skin During Pregnancy

When applied topically, aloe vera gel can be a miracle worker! Aloe has healing and moisturizing properties, and it can be a natural sunscreen. It can heal burns and wounds and is great mixed with other lotions or oils. Pure aloe is often used on sunburns to relieve the heat and pain but works well as a daily moisturizer in lotion mixtures.

Now, what does this miraculous gel do for you when you are pregnant? The answer is; a lot.

Aloe to Soothe an Itchy Pregnancy Belly and Stretch Marks

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During pregnancy, your belly may seem to have that constant and annoying itch from stretched skin. Aloe vera can soothe the itch and provide that blessed relief. Try this recipe that mixes aloe vera with lotion. It can provide relief from itchiness and add extra moisture.

Most pregnant women try to find a way to reduce stretch marks. Aloe vera has been known to be the right gel for the job. While it soothes your itchiness, it also decreases the chance of having stretch marks down the line. According to Our Everyday Life, aloe vera can be applied topically multiple times a day. This means any time you feel that itch coming back, have some aloe at the ready to fight it. You do not have to stop at your belly, either. Try applying aloe vera gel to your thighs, breasts, and anywhere else that is at risk of stretch marks.

Treat Pregnancy Acne

If you are pregnant or ever have been, you might have felt the frustration of seeing acne on your face. It might feel like you are a teenager all over again. While pregnant, it is essential to pay attention to what kinds of chemicals you are putting on your face. Many prescription or over-the-counter acne solutions can be harmful, so always be sure to ask your doctor before use. However, if you are looking for an easier and more natural way to rid yourself of blemishes, try aloe vera. With its cooling and healing properties, aloe vera can decrease the amount of acne, while simultaneously leaving your face scar-free.

Aloe Vera for Hyperpigmentation

Pregnancy can also cause hyperpigmentation in women. This causes patches of the skin to become darker than the rest of the body, and it is a result of more melanin than usual. Although harmless, many women would rather have them gone. That is where aloe vera comes in again. If you have spots on your skin from hyperpigmentation, you can apply aloe vera to them daily. Click here to find out more about aloe vera as a home remedy for hyperpigmentation.

Moisturize your Skin

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Finally, dry skin is a problem whether you are pregnant or not. However, pregnancy can always seem to make things worse. Aloe vera can be applied directly in gel form or made into a lotion-like previously mentioned. Mind-Body Green says that aloe gel can be moisturizing and feel good on dry skin while not being too greasy or oily. This is an excellent option for women who have oily skin during pregnancy. Click here for another moisturizing and simple recipe using aloe vera and only one other ingredient.

Aloe vera can be that light in a dark tunnel for many skin problems during pregnancy. Next time you have itchiness, acne, dry skin, or hyperpigmentation, try aloe vera for a more natural home remedy.

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