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Alpiste Canary Seed Benefits | Benefits of Canary Seeds

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Let’s shed some light on the Alpiste canary seed benefits and how to include it in your diet to better the overall health of your body!

Alpiste canary seeds trace their origin to the Canary Islands, hence the name. Canary seed is produced by a herbaceous plant known as canary grass. It was originally famous as birdseed until researchers discovered its nutrition and health benefit. Later it was recommended for human consumption.

The seed is brown or yellow=, elliptical, with a hard hull around 4mm in length. It is infamous as a nutritious, health beneficial, and affordable vegan food. Canary seeds have more protein and amino acids in comparison to other cereal grains. Canary seeds are 61% starch, 20% protein, 8% fat, and 7% dietary fiber. Besides, it has unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial amino acids, phytochemicals, vitamins, folate, and iron. It is used as a fat substitute in the food industry. Let’s learn more about the Alpiste canary seed benefits.

Alpiste Canary Seed Benefits

1. Reduces blood sugar and Cholesterol

It regulates blood sugar levels and lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This makes it exceptionally useful for people with high blood pressure or excessive bad cholesterol buildup.

2. Improves Function of Organs

Alpiste canary functions as a diuretic and improves the functioning of the liver, kidney, heart, and pancreas. The improvement in these organs in turn leads to improvement of the whole body.

3. Rich in Anti-Oxidant

It is high in antioxidants which boosts your immunity and keep your skin looking young. Since it boosts immunity, it will help you in fighting many ailments of the body.

4. Weight Loss and Toning

It contains the enzyme lipase, which helps burn body fat. Besides, canary seeds help in removing fats from your blood vessels as well. The fiber content in the seeds keeps you satiated for a longer time and is suitable for weight watchers. Consuming Alpiste canary seeds regularly can help you build muscles and tone your body.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular ailments and cancer. Furthermore, it helps treat inflammatory conditions like gout, gastritis, edema, and gastric ulcers.

6. Gut Health

It is gluten-free, making canary seed milk a good alternative if you have lactose intolerance. Furthermore, it keeps your gut healthy, free of inflammation and bloating, and helps keep your bowel movements regular.

7. Others Benefits

Canary seed oil is a healthy alternative to oils that contain harmful saturated fats. It has glutamic acid, an amino acid that is essential for your brain’s cognitive functions. This enhances neural signals, memory, and learning, thereby preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Moreover, the seeds can help you in detoxifying your body from the toxin buildup over time.

How to Include In Your Diet

To make canary seed milk, soak 1 cup of canary seeds in a glass of water overnight and put it in the refrigerator. This helps to soften the seeds and activate the lipase enzyme. Wash the seeds, drain them, and put them into a blender with some water or soy milk in the morning. Strain the milk using a cheesecloth. You can even sweeten it with a bit of honey and consume it. Drink this twice a day for three months.

You can buy canary seed powder from health stores. Mix two tablespoons of the powder in a glass of water or milk and drink it before breakfast and at night. You can use canary seed flour to bake cakes, bread, pasta, etc. Substitute the sesame seeds and sprinkle them on buns, energy bars, and salads.


Do not consume alpiste canary seeds in excess of the recommended dosage. Avoid giving it to children, and do not consume it if you have a wheat allergy. Consult your doctor before introducing the seed to your diet.

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