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Apple Carrot and Celery Juice Health Benefits

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A lot of easily-doable juices at home have immense health value. Let’s see apple, carrot, celery juice health benefits and how to make the blend below!

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Apple Juice Health Benefits

Apples are low in calories but rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Apples are made up of 88% water and help in hydrating our body. Apple juice aids weight loss as it is filling yet fat-free. The juice protects against heart diseases by lowering cholesterol and preventing the buildup of plaque in your arteries. It also helps to detoxify the liver and kidneys, and its fiber content keeps digestion smooth.

Apple juice has vitamin A which is essential for healthy vision. It is also packed with vitamins C, D, E, K, and folate, all essential for optimal health and energy. Apple juice lowers the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancers. It also reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

Carrot Juice Health Benefits

Carrot juice boosts eye health as the beta carotene gets converted to vitamin A in the body. It is packed with antioxidants that detoxify your body, prevent oxidative stress and chronic illnesses. Also, it provides vitamin C, which keeps your skin looking young, and vitamin B6 protects your body against infections.

It is rich in fiber which helps ease constipation, boosts your metabolism, and aids in weight loss. It also helps in regulating blood sugar and prevents heart diseases.

Celery Juice Health Benefits

Celery has a high water content which helps hydrate our body when consumed as a juice. It is alkaline, which helps to balance the pH level in our blood. Also, it helps prevent acidosis, eases digestion, and is essential to maintain good gut health. It has flavonoids apigenin and luteolin, which have potent anti-cancer properties. It has phthalide, a compound that helps lower blood pressure. Celery juice is a diuretic and helps detoxify the body.

Salts in celery help maintain electrolyte balance in a dehydrated body. It has an anti-inflammatory property that protects against degenerative diseases. It also functions as a liver cleanser and prevents premature aging.

Apple, Carrot, Celery Juice Health Benefits

Apple Carrot and Celery Juice Health Benefits2
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The juice is natural and has no preservatives or added sugar, unlike the commercially sold, packaged juices. The juice is low in calories, filling, and packed with nutrients. It is an ideal drink for weight watchers. Carrots are rich in vitamins A, B, C, iron, and calcium. Apples provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and pectin. Celery has compounds that lower blood pressure by relaxing the arterial walls.

Celery has potassium and sodium, which help the kidneys excrete excess water and uric acid from the body and help you lose water weight naturally. It also keeps digestion smooth and regular. The juice boosts overall health. Vitamins and micronutrient content in the juice keep your eyes, tissues, and skin healthy and keep the organ systems functioning optimally. The rich antioxidant content in the juice boosts your immunity, protects your cells from free radical damage, and prevents the onset of chronic diseases. It protects your body from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer.

Combining these three highly potent and beneficial health ingredients together delivers a delicious and nutritive drink that can do wonders for our body.

Recipe for Apple, Carrot, and Celery Juice


  • 4 carrots
  • 1 apple
  • 2 stalks of celery
  • ½ lemon


Wash the vegetables and fruit thoroughly. Cut off the ends of the carrots. Core the apple and cut off the stem. Cut the vegetables into bite-size pieces and put them into a juicer. Once juiced, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it and consume the juice immediately.

One Serving Provides:

  • 223 kcal
  • 56g carbohydrates
  • 4g protein
  • 1g fat
  • 235g sodium
  • 14g fiber
  • 33g sugar
  • and 137mg calcium.


  • While the juice is generally safe, those with carrot and celery allergy must avoid consuming it.
  • Those who have kidney problems and have photo-sensitive skin are also advised to avoid it.
  • Those on any kind of medication should discuss with their doctor before consuming the juice.

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