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Aroma Siez Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

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Learn all about the aroma siez essential oil and how you can use it in your day-to-day life with the information given below!

A key Young Living natural blend, Aroma Siez™ combines the soothing and calming properties of Lavender and Peppermint. This essential oil blend is highly energizing yet calming and can help relieve tension from the mind and the body. It is a combination of lavender, peppermint, and other exclusive ingredients that provide mild stimulation and complete relaxation resulting in a flawless massage experience.

Aroma Siez is a concoction of five different essential oils, which are:

  • Basil Essential Oil (Ocimum Basilicum)
  • Marjoram Essential Oil (Origanum Majorana)
  • Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia)
  • Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha Piperita)
  • Cypress Essential Oil (Cupressus Sepmervirens)

Aroma Siez Essential Oil Benefits

Aroma Siez essential oil primarily helps in decreasing inflammation, ease muscle spasms, and improve blood circulation. Therefore it is well suited to relax muscle distress after exercise. It is chiefly popular for aromatherapy for multiple reasons, including relaxation, pain management, and mood improvement.

During aromatherapy massage, you tend to inhale the essential oil, which is thought to bring positive changes in your mind and body by acting on the limbic system, which indirectly stimulates the nervous system.

Other benefits or Aroma siez essential oil include:

  1. Supportive Of Cellular Function
  2. Helpful In Reducing Inflammation.
  3. Relieves Muscle Pain
  4. Promotes Relaxation.
  5. Relieves Joint Pain
  6. Boosts The Nervous System
  7. Aids In Digestion
  8. Boosts Energy

How to Use?

1. Local Application

You can apply the essential oil to the neck, knees, spine, back, feet, forehead. But before applying it to the skin, you must dilute it with a carrier oil. Make sure to always follow the instructions on the label.

2. Massage

It is the most popular technique of using essential oils. With massage, you can reap the amazing benefits of essential oils and the benefit of the massage itself. Aroma siez works best with the Raindrop Technique.

3. Sprays 

Unlike artificial fragrances, essential oils are natural and safe. There are infinite ways in which you can combine essential oils for smell and that relaxing feel. Use it by combining one to two drops of your favorite essential oil on the wrist or neck.

4. Bath

Using essential oils while bathing is one of the most pleasant ways to absorb essential oils. Warm water boosts the penetration of the oils into the skin, relaxing you after a tiring day. We know that they smell amazing but don’t overdo it.

5. Steam

Steam Inhalation is an effective way to relieve symptoms of cough and cold. Add 3-12 drops of the essential oil into a bowl of hot water. Inhale the steam slowly and deeply for about 5-10 minutes. To enhance the effect of steaming, cover your head with a towel and inhale to hold the steam.

6. Diffusion

Diffusing essential oils are a simple yet effective way to keep purifying the air around you and eliminating the foul odor. It can be diffused using candles, aroma lamps, and cold air diffusion.

7. Compress

It is a simple technique that requires a piece of material, preferably a small towel, to wet it with essential oil-infused water and place it on the affected part of the body. You can use a hot compress for skin infections like acne, boils, or joint pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and a cold compress to reduce pain and inflammation due to sprains and strains.


The potential side effects of essential oils include burning and irritation, headaches, and may also induce asthma attacks.


Aroma Siez essential oil does not have any known contraindications. However, preferably keep it out of the reach of children. If you have epilepsy, have a history of asthma, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you must discontinue using the essential oil. If symptoms of discomfort persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner.

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