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Baby Oil On The Belly Button | Baby Oil in Navel

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Get to know the benefits of putting baby oil on the belly button and how to apply it by way of this short and descriptive article.

Oil in Belly Button

The belly button is the link between a mother and her child, an area with a rich blood supply and the channel through which nutrients are carried from mother to child. It is the center point of our body. The Hindu system of traditional medicine Ayurveda advocates applying oils in the belly button to provide pain relief, healing, balancing doshas, and relaxation.

It is known as the Pechoti method as it is a popular belief that the pechoti gland in the belly button facilitates the absorption of oil into the body. Using oils in the belly button is infamous as it has a rich supply of nerves and veins connected to the organ systems and extremities of our body.

The belly button is also the thinnest part of your abdominal part and is considered a prime reflexology point by which you can stimulate your whole body.

Oiling Belly Button

Oiling your belly button helps to moisturize the skin, and improve skin health. Besides, since the navel is the center point of the body, putting oil in the navel can heal stomach issues and improve digestion. With improved digestion, your skin woes like acne will come to an end.

Putting oil in the navel cures obesity and relieves menstrual pain while also detoxifying the body. The right oil in the navel can relieve anxiety and improve vision as well. Overall, different oils have different benefits when put in the navel.

Baby Oil On The Navel

Baby oil is an inert oil with a neutral pH to make it safe for a baby’s delicate skin. It consists of natural ingredients like vitamins A and E, mineral oil, and aloe vera.

It is hypoallergenic, free from harmful chemicals, and dermatologically tested. The oil cleanses, moisturizes, protects the skin from free radical damage, and prevents bacterial growth. You can use it to treat
skin conditions like dry skin, itchy or irritated skin, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. It helps plump up the skin and helps reduce scars and stretch marks. You can also use it as a massage oil.

How to Apply

You should oil the belly button before bedtime. Warming the oil provides more significant benefits and faster absorption. Place a few drops of the baby oil on your belly button. Gently massage the skin around your belly button for a minute using your finger and thumb in a pinching motion. Place a small cotton ball on your belly button to avoid staining your clothes or the bedsheets. Leave it overnight.

Repeat the process thrice a week to see visible improvement in your overall health.


  • Baby oil can cause an allergic reaction but in rare conditions. Hence, it is advisable to do a patch test before using it.
  • Avoid pressing down hard or applying too much pressure while oiling your belly button, as the belly button has many nerves and may cause pain.
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your belly button and use only a tiny amount of oil.

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