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Bay Leaves For Mice Infestation | Home Remedy

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Try these bay leaves for mice remedies to repel mice infestation and avoid the damages that they cause. Read the remedies below!

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Mice is the plural for mouse, a rodent that you may encounter in your house if you see holes in boxes and clothes or notice any droppings. They have an especially peculiar smell that’s awful to an extent. Although they are a popular pet, some people don’t like the sight of them lest petting. Mice and rats are two different creatures but the presence of both can be unavoidable and irritating at times. Mice can attack any household, no matter the place and climate.

They tend to eat and damage your upholstery, clothes, and if they manage to enter your car, your car seats are sure to deteriorate.  Since they have a high breeding rate, it’s necessary to control them early. Mice have the tendency to not get caught unless theirs a heavy infestation around the house. They come out of their holes when no one’s around and that’s what makes it difficult to spot them.

You may want to get rid of them but at the same time, you may want to avoid the deadly poison remedy that will kill them instantly. However, you can try the rat cage to catch them and leave them far away from your house. Make sure you drop them somewhere from where they can’t make it back to your home. Otherwise, you can even try the aromatic bay leaf to get rid of them without poisoning them.

Bay Leaves For Mice

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The bay leaf is an aromatic leaf, which is usually used in cooking in many Asian cuisines. But apart from the food, it can also be helpful in keeping mice away from your home. For instance, read the following points to know how you can use bay leaves to avoid mice infestation:

1. Bay Leaves

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Put a bay leaf in or around their home holes if you spot any or put it where you may have seen any droppings.  If they happen to eat your car seats, put one leaf over the already eaten spot. To keep them away from your wardrobe or paper clutter, you can use the bay leaf for that purpose too. Mice hate the smell of this leaf as they are toxic to them, meaning it can kill them.

2. Bay Leaf and Honey

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Honey makes it difficult for the mice to walk as it sticks to their feet and hampers easy walking. You can layer the bay leaf with a teaspoon of honey to make it easier to spot the mice’s body later if they don’t die instantly. Both of these articles are easily available in any local store, so if you don’t have them already, it’s good to invest now. As this bay leaves for mice remedies to kill the mouse naturally, you won’t have the guilt to give them an inhumane death with poison. If you choose to use honey alone, you can layer it on top of a foil paper and leave it around places where you’ve seen mice.

3. Bay Leaf And Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil for mouse

Among all the scents that mice cannot stand, peppermint remains at the top due to its strong fragrance. Mice can easily smell things from distance and by smelling peppermint, they might repel entering your place. You can either put peppermint oil directly onto the floor or combine it with bay leaf. A combination of two deadly items would leave more results. Wherever you choose to put the leaves, just spray a little amount of oil on top of it, that’s all! Or soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil and put them on the leaf.

4. Bay Leaf And Cloves

Cloves for rodent infestation

For you, cloves smell might be one among the best but mice hate them as much as they hate peppermint. You can either use cloves in their pure form or in the form of essential oil. Simply sprinkle the bay leaf with the oil and leave it near droppings or holes you encounter.

Tip: If you own a pet, try to keep them away from the spots you try these remedies on, they might be allergic to it too. 

This bay leaves for mice remedies are all effective to the core and the best way to avoid the poison method. You can combine one or two remedies together to see better results in a matter of short time.

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