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Best Way to Clean Washer | How to Clean Out Washer

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Looking for the best way to clean washer? Learn how to clean out washer in the article!

How often do you pledge to clean your washer? A rational individual would never even think of examining their washer for dust let alone cleaning. Don’t go by the size; cleaning a washer is a straightforward job to do with just a bottle of white kitchen vinegar. Using vinegar is the best way to clean washer because it’s all natural and cheap. This pro tip will help you clean your washer to look just like a brand new one!

Best Way to Clean Washer

Front Loading Washer

To clean your washer with vinegar, set the hot water setting load and add vinegar to the dispenser until its full capacity. Afterward, run it cycle once or twice and wipe down the drum.

New Technology Top Loading Washer

Run a cycle of your washer by adding 2 cups of vinegar to the dispenser with the setting set on clean. This is all you have to do, but be sure not to add anything else into the dispenser.

Older Technology Top Loading Washer

Set the machine on the longest setting and pour hot water and three cups of distilled vinegar into the dispenser. Before running a wash cycle, wait for 30 minutes to let the solution rest into the dispenser for effective cleaning.

Tip: Remember to scrub off any water droplets from your machine. To maintain this new like impression of your washer, keep the lid open for about half an hour after every cycle.

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