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How To Use Cardamom for Erectile Dysfunction

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Keep reading to know what aphrodisiacs are and how they work for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, learn how to use cardamom for erectile dysfunction in this article.

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Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal practice, lists cardamom as a powerful aphrodisiac. The spice can help prevent erectile dysfunction and impotence as well. Know everything about this spice and how it can improve your sex life.

What is an Aphrodisiac?

Food or medicines that stimulate your sexual desires and love senses (touch, smell, taste, and sight) are aphrodisiacs. There are various libido-boosting drugs available in the market. However, some people prefer natural ingredients and products, as they have no side-effects.

Since natural aphrodisiacs are generally safer, they are picking up in both popularity and demand.
Also, aphrodisiacs are not performance boosters. Aphrodisiacs create sexual desires, and they do not function like performance boosters. For example, viagra is not an aphrodisiac.

How Aphrodisiacs Work

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Stimulated senses make your mind and body aware of sensual desires. These reactions are also connected to your hormones, testosterone, to be specific. In simple words, sexual desires are controlled by the hormone levels in your body.

A chain reaction stimulates your hormones when you touch, feel, hear, think, smell, and taste something sensual. These signals and messages from the brain make the erectile tissues dilated.

In women, the erectile tissues are in the clitoris, and in men, the erectile tissues are in the penis. Factors like continuous stress, fatigue, depression, and tiredness dim your senses and lead to a drop in the hormone levels.
Natural aphrodisiacs calm your mind and body, stimulating the senses and the erectile tissues in both men and women.

Cardomom, an Aphrodisiac for Erectile Dysfunction

Cardomom is a strong aromatic spice you can easily find in Indian cuisine. The versatile spice is added to both savory and sweet delicacies to add a distinct flavor and aroma to the food. The small pod spice with black seeds is also used for therapeutic reasons in Asian culture and regions. The aromatic and nutritional properties of the spice make it an aphrodisiac.

Cardamom is also a rich source of cineole. Cineole is an achiral aromatic component that stimulates and boosts blood circulation. Therefore, applying cardamom essential oil with massage oil, or using cardamom for aromatherapy can stimulate your sexual senses and result in a healthy erection.

Cardamom for Erectile Dysfunction

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1. Essential Oil in Massage

You can mix a few drops of cardamom essential oil in your massage oil. Use this mix for a sensual massage near and on the erectile tissues. The cardamom oil massage increases the blood flow of the area, dilating the erectile tissues naturally.

2. Cardamom Oil Bath Or Soak

In a tub full of warm water, add a cup of Epsom salt. Also, add a few drops of cardamom essential oil and rose essential oil to the bath. The sweet and exotic aroma of the essential oils stimulates your senses while Epsom salt relaxes your mind and body.

3. Drinking Milk with Cardamom

Drinking a warm glass of milk with honey and cardamom pods also enhance your performance and relax your mind as well.

So, add cardamom for erectile dysfunction today and let us know how it worked for you!

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