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Colloidal Silver for Stye | How to Get Rid of Stye

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Read everything you need to know about stye and how to get rid of them with colloidal silver here. Also, know why colloidal silver for stye works wonders!

What is Stye?

Colloidal Silver for Stye1 Uncomfortable, painful, and at times embarrassing, a stye is inflamed, pus-filled skin growth on the eyelids. In addition to this, the swelling can often cause soreness, itchiness, crust formation around eyes, and increased tear production. However, a stye is seldom a cause for concern as the condition does not have serious health repercussions. In the majority of the cases, the bacterial growth gets better in a week. Where most of these pimple look growths are on the outside, some may grow inside the eyelid as well.

Some Common Reasons for Developing a Stye includes:

  • Use of expired cosmetic products
  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Not removing eye makeup properly
  • Dirty or infected contact lenses
  • Not washing hands thoroughly before applying lenses
  • Lack of proper nutrition
  • Sleep deprivation

Colloidal Silver for Stye

Colloidal Silver for Stye2 Colloidal silver is a liquid antibiotic used for various reasons and purposes. In addition to treating stye, colloidal silver manages and helps heal various infections, cuts, and bruises. The natural immune booster is also an ideal medicine for all, adults, children as well as animals. Colloidal silver contains microscopic flakes of silver, which has antimicrobial, germ-fighting agents. Therefore, the antibiotic helps in conjunctivitis and stye treatment. Colloidal Silver enters the infected cell and binds with the pathogen’s DNA. This step stops the replication process of the infection. Thus, not only curbing the infection but preventing it from spreading as well.

How to Treat Stye with Colloidal Silver

Apply a single drop of colloidal silver on the affected area thrice a day. The antibiotic doesn’t sting and is therefore, an ideal treatment product for eye infections.


Even if colloidal silver works to treat stye, we highly recommend you to not use it before consulting your eye doctor.

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