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Colloidal Silver for Yeast Infections | Curing Yeast Infection

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Colloidal silver is an alternative medicinal treatment for several health concerns, especially infections. Know all about the uses of colloidal silver for yeast infections in this article.

Yeast infection can cause extreme irritation in your pelvic area. The health issue is also a significant cause of anxiety. Prescribed medications for yeast infections help control the growth and treat the fungal growth at that time. However, it does not address the root cause of yeast growth, making your private parts more vulnerable and prone to future infections.

What is a Yeast Infection?

Changing lifestyles, imbalanced diets, and antibiotics overuse often cause a disruption of the micro-organisms in your gut. Not only does this change in your ‘gut-flora’ leads to a weak immune system, but it also promotes the growth of excess flora, which causes fungal growth called a yeast infection or candida.

A few symptoms that can help you identify that you have a yeast infection are unexplained as weight loss or gain, constant headaches, and mood swings, decreased libido, and other menstrual problems. In addition to these, the infection might cause depression, constant tiredness, and chronic fatigue as well.

How does Colloidal Silver Treat Yeast Infections?

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Before the introduction of modern medicines, colloidal silver was used to treat various infections and wounds. The natural antimicrobial solution is packed with the microscopic size of silver particles that ensures your body does not form an antibiotic-resistance, treating any form of bacterial infection.

Colloidal silver is amongst the most effective and safe form of medication that can treat yeast infections in women. The antifungal properties of colloidal silver destroy the yeast organisms. The antibiotic solution also treats and heals the damaged tissues attacked by the yeast infection. Furthermore, the liquid only attacks the harmful pathogens in the body and safeguards the good bacteria promoting a healthy immune system.

How to Douche?

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The best way to treat yeast infections with colloidal silver is with a douche. It is the most natural way of dealing with fungal growth.

You’ll Need:

  • Douche kit
  • One teaspoon colloidal silver (10ppm)
  • One cup distilled water


  1. Combine the ingredients well and fill in your douche kit. Now, secure the lid properly for use.
  2. Sit on a toilet seat or lie down in a bathtub, depending on your comfort level.
  3. Now, insert the tip of the douche in your vagina. After that, push the douche to a depth that is comfortable for you.
  4. Pump the colloidal silver mix in your vagina.
  5. The water will immediately rush out, so make sure you follow the treatment in your bathroom to avoid any mess.
  6. Follow this process twice a day until the symptoms go away.
  7. It is an ideal practice to follow this treatment with probiotic capsules that can be inserted in your vagina. Know more about probiotics that would help you from a doctor.
  8. Colloidal silver eliminates harmful bacteria in the vagina, and the probiotics re-introduce beneficial flora to speed up your healing process.

Note: Colloidal silver concentrations over 50ppm should be avoided unless taken under the direct supervision of a health consultant. Know more about this beneficial antibiotic from your doctor. Also, support your treatment with a healthy balanced diet.

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