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Does Your Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Ammonia?

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You’re not alone if you’re experiencing vaginal discharge that smells like ammonia. It is a common problem, and there are several things you can do to address it.

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This article will discuss the causes of ammonia-smelling discharge and the best ways to treat it. Plus, we’ll provide some tips on preventing this problem from happening in the future. So if you’re concerned about vaginal discharge that smells like ammonia, keep reading!

What Is Vaginal Discharge? 

Vaginal discharge is a mixture of different fluids secreted by the vaginal glands. This discharge can vary in texture, color, and smell depending on what is inside your body. The most common type of vaginal discharge is clear or white and has little to no odor. However, there are times when your discharge can take on a different color or smell.

Why Does Vaginal Discharge Smell Like Ammonia? 

So, what does it mean when your vaginal discharge smells like ammonia?

One possible reason is that you are not drinking enough water. When your body is dehydrated, it can cause your urine to become more concentrated and have a more pungent odor. It could be because you are sweating a lot or vomiting too.

Another possibility is that you have an infection. Infections like bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis can cause your discharge to smell fishy or like ammonia. If you notice any other symptoms and a pungent odor, it’s best to see your doctor and get it checked.

How Can I Prevent My Discharge From Smelling Like Ammonia? 

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The best way to prevent your discharge from smelling like ammonia is to practice good hygiene. It means washing your vulva with warm water and a mild soap every day.

Moreover, you should avoid using scented products, douching, or tight-fitting clothing. These can all disrupt the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina and lead to infections.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits To Avoid Vaginal Smells

If you notice that your vaginal discharge smells like ammonia, it could be due to several different things. However, some lifestyle habits can help you avoid this problem.

  1. Wash your vulva with warm water and mild soap every day.
  2. Avoid using scented products, douching, or wearing tight-fitting clothing.
  3. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to provide enough hydration to your body.
  4. Wipe your vagina from front to back after using the washroom.
  5. Change your pads or tampons regularly.
  6. Practice safe sex by using condoms to avoid exposure to bacteria.

Critical Considerations

Vaginal discharge is a part of a woman’s self-cleaning process. This fluid helps remove dead cells and bacteria from the vagina and keeps it healthy. However, sometimes vaginal discharge can develop an unpleasant smell. Ammonia is a familiar scent associated with this type of problem.

1. Infection

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If your vaginal discharge smells like ammonia, it could signify an infection. The most common cause of this is bacterial vaginosis, an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. This condition can cause itching, burning, and a fishy smell. If you think you have bacterial vaginosis, it’s essential to see your doctor so they can prescribe the appropriate treatment.

2. STDs

Other less common causes of an ammonia smell in vaginal discharge include trichomoniasis and gonorrhea. Both STDs can cause a foul odor and other symptoms like pain during urination and bleeding between periods. If you think you might have an STD, it’s essential to get tested as soon as possible.

3. Poor Hygiene

In some cases, the smell of ammonia in vaginal discharge can be due to poor hygiene. It is especially true if you have a strong odor after your period or during sweaty exercise. Washing your vagina with mild soap and water every day can help to reduce the problem. If you want to avoid a foul smell, try wearing loose-fitting clothes.

The Bottom Line 

The smell of ammonia is familiar in vaginal discharge, and the reason behind it is bacteria. Ammonia is a gas that forms when proteins break down, and this smell can be especially noticeable after sex.

While the scent may be alarming, it is usually not a sign of anything serious. In most cases, there are no symptoms other than the strange smell. If you are concerned about your vaginal discharge or odor, please consult with your doctor.

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