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Eating Clean – Why Raw Food Works For Many

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Today’s athletes and fitness gurus are praising raw food diets and recommending them for anyone. So why does raw feeding work for so many? Read on to learn about the various health benefits of eating clean and going raw!

Over the past few years consuming a diet consisting mainly or entirely of raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.) has become increasingly popular. Especially amongst people who wish to achieve optimum health benefits. Raw eating has an unending list of health benefits. Most raw foodists start out as vegetarians or vegans. Once they have adapted to this healthy lifestyle, they kick it up a notch by going raw.

Higher Nutritional Content

Fruits, vegetables, and other plant-based foods are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also have a variety of other health-promoting phytochemicals. Cooking or heating these foods, however, destroys many of them.

Plant-based proteins become structurally spoilt as a result of cooking. While minerals are often converted from their organic and absorbable state making them difficult to be assimilated by the body. Water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and D are also drained from plant-based foods as a result of cooking.

Better dental health

In addition to the extra vitamins, minerals, and proteins, raw foods benefit your teeth as well. Fruits and vegetables soften when they are cooked which reduces the need to really use your teeth and work your jaw. Also, cooked food is stickier than raw foods and, therefore, adheres to your teeth and gums easier.

Eat Organic!

If you are thinking about or have already committed yourself to a raw food diet, it is important to consume organic foods whenever possible (ideally locally grown). Non-organic foods are littered with toxic pesticides and HMO’s. These toxins can greatly counteract the health benefits of eating raw.

Eat raw plant-based foods, NOT MEAT

When the term eating raw is used, it is mainly referring to plant-based foods and not meat. Although you can consume some meat as raw, it can be very unsafe. Raw meat can be a host to many dangerous parasites and bacteria. Also, there are no studies that prove raw meat to be any healthier than cooked. Many Dr’s and nutritionists recommend consuming limited amounts of meat.

Excellent for weight loss

Most raw foods are naturally low in calories that make them ideal for assisting in weight loss. Eating raw will also help to detoxify your body, which will, in turn, increase your energy levels. This increase in energy level will help you to engage in regular exercise without feeling fatigued.

Protein supplements

Consuming a raw diet is excellent for your all-around health, however eating fruits and vegetables alone will not provide the caloric or protein needs to maintain proper health. Make sure to regularly consume large amounts of plant-based foods that are rich in protein like quinoa and avocado. Also, consume plenty of nuts and seeds to make sure you are receiving proper protein levels in your body. You may want to take a protein supplement just to stay on the safe side.

Why raw food works

All these reasons are the icebergs of consuming raw foods and the associated health benefits. Therefore, it is no surprise, why this lifestyle works for so many people.

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