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Egyptian Feet Meaning| What is Egyptian Feet

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Have you heard of Egyptian feet? Read on to know more about the Egyptian feet’ meaning and more!

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What do your feet reveal about you?

Our DNA contains all the information needed to create our body and determine our inheritance of physical traits. There is a lot of interest these days in DNA analysis, which helps throw light on our ancestry. With the facility of at-home DNA ancestry tests, everyone is getting curious to know their family origins. Our physical characteristics are said to be determined by our genes and the ancestors we inherited them from. Our feet’ shape is supposed to reveal our family history and our personality traits—websites on ancestry show ancient charts that contain five different foot types and their characteristics.

Though science does not validate this theory, it shows how each unique foot shape impacts how we balance ourselves and the way we walk.

Foot types

The types of feet, according to this theory, are the Greek, the Roman, the Celtic, the German, and the Egyptian.

A Greek foot is characterized by a second toe, which is longer than all the other toes. The Roman foot has the first three toes of equal length, while the remaining two toes are shorter. A Celtic foot has a short, large big toe, a long second toe, and the remaining three toes in descending order of size. A German foot is distinguished by a large big toe and the other four toes being of the same size.

Egyptian Feet Meaning

Egyptian feet are also called Elite feet, the Stretched foot, Egyptian toe, or Tapered toes. It refers to a specific foot type, characterized by a long, big toe followed by the other toes in descending order of length, tapering at a 45-degree angle.

The top of the foot starting from the big toe to the last toe appears to be inclined. This foot type has been depicted in the art forms of ancient Egypt. The foot is longer and narrower than the other foot types and is the most functional. It is a standard foot type and is found in about 70% of the population.

In Japan, 80% of the people have this type of foot, and even their shoes are designed for this foot shape. People having this foot type seem to have certain medical advantages.

They suffer a lower risk of ingrown toenails. Personality-wise, people who have this type of feet have a royal air and love to be pampered. They are both mysterious and secretive and love their privacy. Additionally, they tend to daydream a lot!

They are energetic, independent, rational, and make good leaders. They have aesthetic tastes, and they love to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. Also, they are nature lovers, impulsive, emotional, and moody. Though the foot type revealing your personality traits has no scientific proof, it is an interesting correlation.

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