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How to Get Rid of Love Bugs with Baby Oil

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While love bugs aren’t dangerous, it’s essential to get rid of them quickly! See how to get rid of love bugs with baby oil in this article.

How to Get Rid of Love Bugs with Baby Oil1

What Are Love Bugs?

Lovebugs are generally found in Central America and the southeastern United States and belong to the march fly species. They are named so because they tend to remain connected even after the mating is over. While their feeding on dead vegetation in your garden is healthy for your plants, their infestation can pose many problems. They create clouds on your windshield that can impair your driving visibility. They can also cause damage to the car’s engine. Besides, you certainly don’t want lovebugs to storm your living space and make things difficult for you.

Causes For Love Bugs Infestation

Below are the reasons that pose a potential threat to love bug infestation in your area:

  1. Lawnmowers
  2. Engines
  3. Heat
  4. Exhaust Fumes
  5. Humid Surface
  6. Fresh Paint

How To Get Rid Of Love Bugs With Baby Oil

The distinctive fragrance of baby oil lures the bugs to get attracted to it and help you to get rid of them before they invade your house.

#1 For Garden

How to Get Rid of Love Bugs with Baby Oil2

What You Need

  1. A White Bucket
  2. Baby Oil
  3. Water


  1. Fill half the bucket with water and add 5-6 tbsp of baby oil.
  2. Put the bucket in your lawn around the vegetation area.

The bugs will get attracted to the solution and gradually fall into the bucket. Keep in mind that the trick will work until the bucket is full of bugs. After that, they will continue to swarm. As a counter solution, you might want to keep an eye on the bucket and change it as soon as it’s full.

#2 For Cars

How to Get Rid of Love Bugs with Baby Oil3

What You Need

  1. A Spray Bottle
  2. Baby Oil – 10 drops
  3. Water


Fill the spray bottle with water and pour ten drops of baby oil, and shake it well. Spray the baby oil-water solution on the car bumper and windshields. This will not only make the area slippery and difficult to mate on but will also help in cleaning up the residue. Besides, this trick will work on removing their residue from places they have mated upon.

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