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Are Hand Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair

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Are hand-tied extensions bad for your hair or not? Find out everything including possible damage it may pose in this article.

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All of us indeed want healthy hair volume to compliment our faces. However, not everyone has thick tresses and a good volume. Since, the beauty industry has an answer for everything these days, there is a solution for light hair as well – hair extensions.

What are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Various forms of hair extensions can add volume to your existing hair. Some of these extension forms are- keratin, tape-in, bonds, and hand-tied. As the name suggests, hand-tied extensions are a type of weft that is weaved in your natural hair to increase your locks’ volume. In simple words, locks of hair are sewn in your hair (not scalp) with tiny braids to form an invisible bond. You can even put your hair up with hand-tied extensions, as the bonds are hardly visible.
Not only does hand-tied extensions look more natural, but they are also easier to care for than tape-in extensions.



Are Hand-Tied Extensions Bad For Your Hair?

In general, any form of extension adds a little stress to your hair and roots, especially if you have fine hair. However, hand-tied extensions cause the least damage. Also, done by the right professionals, extensions don’t pull on to your roots always, as believed by many.

The amount of hair added to the natural hair also determines the damage extensions can cause. Adding too many extensions can lead to dense and heavy hair. Not only do extra extensions add more stress and weight to your roots, but they can lead to the breaking of natural hair as well. So, in case you are planning to get extensions, you should know that adding only the right amount of extensions is best for your hair quality and volume.

In conclusion, we can say, even as hand-tied extensions don’t cause harm to your roots or scalp. The number of hair extensions you are adding to your natural hair, the professional working on your weaves, and the existing quality of your hair determine the damage it can cause to your hair.

What to Expect From the Extensions

For a day or two, the extensions feel a little different. You can feel more weight and volume on your head as well. However, there shouldn’t be any discomfort and pain around your roots due to the extensions.

How to Maintain Hand Tied Extensions

1. Conditioning

The extensions might look like your natural hair after treatment and coloring, but you have to take care of not treating them like your natural hair as they do not draw the nourishment from the scalp. It is best if you use a leave-in hair conditioner on your extensions for a smoother and softer look.

2. Brushing

Along with taking necessary precautions in brushing around the beads or weaves of your extensions, you should use a boar bristle brush at least twice a day to avoid tangles and messy looking hair.

3. Drying Your Hair

As the weight of the wet extensions can damage your roots and lead to hair breakage, it is best not to air-dry your roots after a wash. Also, it would be best if you did not go to bed with wet hair and extensions.

4. Upkeep

The weaves come down as your natural hair grows. So, even as maintenance depends on an individual’s hair growth, the extensions, in general, need to be brought up near the roots anytime after seven or eight weeks.

Precautions Connected to Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are the most natural-looking extensions. However, these extensions are not good for people with very thin hair or people suffering from severe hair loss. Also, since hand-tied hair extensions are like a permanent solution until the hair length grows, they can cause minor discomfort during combing or brushing your hair, as they pose a higher risk of tangling.

Note: Even as extensions are an excellent solution for people who want to add more volume to their hair, it is not your answer to a rapidly balding scalp. If you are suffering from alopecia, we recommend a doctor consultation as soon as possible.

So, choose the right weight, color, and professional to add more volume to your locks with extensions!


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