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Health Benefits of Jasmine Rice | White and Brown Jasmine Rice

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Follow the article to learn about the health benefits of jasmine rice- white and brown and include it in your diet to maintain good and healthy bodily functions!

Jasmine itself is aromatic and so is its aromatic rice that has long grain.  It is a variety of Oryza sativa and grows primarily in Thailand and southern Vietnam. Its texture is that of a sticky and soft one as compared to American long-grain rice. If you wish to grow it, you need to dig small holes in a row and place one grain of jasmine rice into it. You might require two ounces of seeds per 100 sq. ft. to plant the rice. There are mainly two types of jasmine rice and both of them have their own pros. and cons. Besides, the health benefits of jasmine rice are enough to use it in culinary uses in your kitchen.

  • White jasmine rice
  • Brown jasmine rice

Health Benefits Of Jasmine Rice

1. Rich in Carb

Jasmine rice is full of carbs and if you consume the rice, you’ll have enough energy to survive the day as carbs are the source of maximum energy in our body. However, you should always consume it in moderation as excess carb can do more damage than good to the body.

2. Source of Iron

Iron is an important supplement to maintain a strong immune system and jasmine rice, especially white jasmine rice turns out to be a modest source of iron. Add the rice in your meal to get a good amount of iron and fight anemia by combating iron-deficiency.

3. Rich in Fiber

Rich in fiber

Brown jasmine rice has a high content of insoluble fiber, which makes it a great food to keep your stomach healthy and even cure constipation. The insoluble fiber easily passes through and eases the whole of the digestive system.

4. Rich in Carbohydrates and Calories

When eaten in moderation, the rice can help you in maintaining a healthy amount of calories and carbohydrates in the body. Since jasmine rice is rich in calories, it shouldn’t be taken in excess to avoid intaking more than the required amount of carbohydrates or calories.

5. Mineral-Rich Diet

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, one cup of brown jasmine rice contains 5gms of protein while one cup of white jasmine rice contains 4gms of protein. Apparently, brown jasmine rice is ideal for consumption. It has vital B vitamins as well which is crucial for healthy bodily functions. It is helpful in breaking down body fat. Many people wonder as to why bodybuilders prefer jasmine rice over any other. It is because of its richness in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, which is important for building muscle tissue.


Is white jasmine rice healthy? As everything has it’s boon and bane, it has some drawbacks too. It’s a high glycemic index food and starchy which results in increased blood sugar and cholesterol level. If a person is suffering from diabetes, one should restrain from eating excess white jasmine rice. In addition, it contains a lot of calories which is not so good for health. It is highly processed, therefore, it lacks fiber and many nutrients that are necessary for the body to regulate perfectly. In comparison, brown jasmine rice is a healthier option in context of the above-concerned facts.

Side Foods to Eat with Jasmine Rice

Health Benefits of Jasmine Rice2

You can have it with coconut milk, soy sauce, scallions, broth and chicken, curry paste, garlic, etc. It should always be taken along with healthy vegetables, fruits, legumes, etc in order to attain balance. Especially, for athletes and other sportspeople who are engaged in vigorous and high-intensity exercises and activities. It is challenging for them to maintain a balance in their diet and attain energy for further practice. They usually prefer carbohydrate-rich food and white jasmine rice is always there to maintain glycogen levels and for refueling them.

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