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Home Remedies to Remove Cement From the Teeth

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Here are some home remedies to remove cement from the teeth while you book an appointment with your doctor in the meantime.

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Dental issues are always tricky to deal with at home. It is always best to visit the dentist if any of these arise. However, when minor situations pop up, it is useful to be aware of different ways to deal with these at home until you can get an appointment with the dentist. Procedures such as dental fillings and braces have become very common these days, and many of us have them. The dental cement used for attaching the braces to the teeth or filling cavities may sometimes chip off or wear off, causing some discomfort. So how do we deal with this at home? Below are some home remedies to remove cement from the teeth that might come in handy.

What is dental cement?

Since the early 20th century, dental cement has been used for various procedures in dentistry. These cement are bio-compatible. They are designed to last long and act as a cavity filler or sometimes provide adhesive effect for various components such as orthodontic brackets (braces), crowns, prostheses, etc. The zinc phosphate cement is one of the first used cement in dentistry and remains widely used.

When should dental cement be removed?

The most common situations that warrant removal of the dental cement are:

1. Old Restorations

Over time, dental cement may sometimes lose its properties and wear off. This can lead to the recurrence of dental cavities or leakage around the margins of the filling. This requires the cement to be removed and replaced.

2. Broken Cement

Due to wear and tear, the dental cement may get chipped or attrited. In such instances, the cement needs to be removed and replaced by a dentist.

3. Dental Cement Causing Pain or Discomfort

Sometimes, dental cement pieces may be sharp and injure the surrounding gums, tongue, or other oral tissues. Inflammation, bleeding, pain, discomfort, or any pus discharge around a tooth with dental cement needs immediate attention. In such cases, removal or replacement of the cement should be done as a priority.

Home Remedies to Remove Cement From the Teeth

Home Remedies to Remove Cement From the Teeth 2

1. Leave it without Intervention

If the cement is not causing any issues or if some excess cement is leftover on your tooth after removing your braces, you can leave it without any intervention. Over time, this leftover dental cement will eventually wear off on its own.

2. Use a Dental Pick

Use a dental pick to scrape off any cement jutting out carefully or has a rough edge. Be careful not to injure your oral tissues or the tooth surface. Scrape the cement one section at a time to make it easier. 

Once scrapped off, rinse your mouth with some lukewarm water to ensure that all the scrapped bits spit out and not swallowed.

3. Using Dental Floss

Use a dental floss if the dental cement is present in between two teeth. Pass the floss between your teeth and use a side-side motion to loosen the cement. 

When to Visit a Doctor?

A dentist is the right person to correct or redo any huge bits of dental cement that have worn off. A dentist visit is mandated if this cement is causing too much pain, discomfort, or is looking unsightly.

Points of Caution

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  1. Do not swallow any of the cement during the scrapping process. If you remove the dental cement for your child or someone else, ask them not to tip their heads backward. This prevents accidental ingestion of the cement bits.
  2. It is always best to contact your dentist at least via phone before doing anything on your own.
  3. If any of the home-based procedures do not work, book an appointment with your dentist at the earliest.

Take home

Dental cement lasts long, depending on its purpose. However, in case they wear off or cause any trouble, a dentist should be visited immediately. Home remedies can help during the interim before you can get an appointment.

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