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Homemade Brightening Eye Cream For Under-Eye Problems

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Prepare this homemade brightening eye cream and get rid of most of your under-eye beauty problems without investing in expensive treatments or creams!

Dark circles can make your face look dull and tiresome all the time and might as well make you look older than your actual age. There can be many reasons for dark circles to appear, the most potent ones are insufficient sleep and long working hours in front of the laptop or computer. Preorbital dark circles appear as a thin layer under the eye, which causes the blood vessels to show clearly. Dark circles give rise to many other issues such as puffiness under the eyes that is commonly referred to as “eye bags“.

Working way too hard, getting tired and getting insufficient sleep, may cause your face to look dull than before; especially, your eyes that get claimed by periorbital dark circles. You might have seen the thin layer under your eye that starts showing the blood vessels more clearly and getting dark, these are the dark circles. This under-eye skin gets slackened due to the loss of elasticity and the ability to overhaul. Another issue that arises with dark circles is puffiness under the eyes that is also called “eye bags”. Some illness or maybe excessive consumption of salt, are the major causes. It is frequent among youth. There are several other reasons that are hitched to this that might need medical help. Dark circles might make your face look tedious, thereby, developing an insecurity and inferiority complex among oneself.

As a result, we often go for high priced creams and treatments to get rid of all these problems but the sad truth is that these not always work. Moreover, even if such treatments work, they come with a cost of skin deterioration in the long run. An easy and cost-effective way is to use natural products on your skin that can do wonders without damaging the skin. Natural products are a perpetual remedy that is skin-friendly, thus, it leaves no side effects. Apparently, these benefits wouldn’t let you prioritize market-based, chemical products ever in your life.

Homemade Brightening Eye Cream

Homemade Brightening Eye Cream2

What You Need

  1. Vitamin E Capsules
  2. Cocoa Butter
  3. Organic Coconut Oil
  4. Sweet Almond Oil

What To Do

  1. Grate two teaspoons of cocoa butter and melt it in a microwave.
  2. Now, add two tsp coconut oil and one tsp of sweet almond oil to the cocoa butter and mix well. Subsequently, add at least two-four capsules of vitamin E in the mixture.
  3. After mixing all the ingredients together let it sit for about an hour. If you live in colder altitudes, you might want to melt the oils and butter on a double boiler. Let it cool for one hour and then transfer in an air-tight container.
  4. Apply this cream daily before going to the bed in an optimum quantity.

Why These Ingredients

  1. Coconut oil is the best when it comes to nutrition and skin-moisturizing properties. It not only strengthens the underlying tissues of the skin but also lightens the skin, because of the high fatty acids present in it. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is perfect for soothing the skin and moisturizing it.
  2. Vitamin E discards the premature aging and tightening of the skin. It wards off the “eye bags” and fights back the free radicals that cause wrinkles. It is effective in reducing dark circles as well, apply a few drops under the eyes before going to bed and wash in the morning with warm water.
  3. Sweet almond oil is a preference over almond oil which can clog the sebum in the eye area. On the other hand, sweet almond oil contributes to eye beauty since it hydrates the skin. Also, it has vitamin E which is perfect and essential to cure the dark circles. In addition, it has Vitamin K which is helpful in reducing the puffiness under the eye.
    4. Cocoa butter reduces the prospect of irritation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that vanish the dark circles inside-out. In addition, it also has sunscreen which prevents the spots and marks from reoccurring.

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