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How To Use Aloe Vera On Face | Aloe Vera Plant Uses

by Kumar Ankit

Do you know that the skin of the face and the neck are more delicate than compared to other areas of the body? It becomes really important to take care of them. Various medical and beauty products already use aloe vera but these products can also have harmful chemicals alongside with it. It’s best if you manually take control of things here.

It has been known for thousands of years for its amazing beauty and medicinal properties.  You can also consume aloe vera but in this article, we will see how to use aloe vera on the face.

Keep reading till the end to find out a bonus face mask by using just two ingredients for a glowing and refreshing face.

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about how to use aloe vera on the face.

1. Moisturize your face

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Take a small amount of aloe vera gel and apply it gently on your face with your fingertips, it will get absorbed in your skin. No need to massage your face with aloe vera. Rubbing the skin of your face can damage and loosen your skin especially around the skin around your eyes.

You can also use it as a cleanser, apply a small amount of aloe vera gel twice a day, specifically in the morning and in the evening. Apply a thin layer of it on your face and neck, let it sit for ten minutes or so. Rinse off with cold water for soothing and glowing skin.

Using aloe vera more than twice a day can lead to adverse effects of drying out your skin because its enzymes act as exfoliators. It is advisable to use this magical gel only in moderation because excessive use can totally dry out your skin.

2. Treat breakouts and redness on your face

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If you are experiencing breakouts more often then applying Aloe Vera on the specific areas can help you treat them. It has medicinal and antibacterial properties which can help you to reduce the redness which makes breakouts less visible. Its enzymes act as exfoliators, removing dead skin cells from your face. These dead skin cells could clog your skin pores which can lead to even more breakouts. So the exfoliating property of aloe vera can deal with your dead skin cells without having you to worry about going that extra mile for exfoliating. Just remember don’t overuse it.

It can also help you to fight skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. Just make sure to consult your dermatologist before starting to use aloe vera to treat these skin conditions.

3.  Treating Acne and Acne Scars

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For people with sensitive skin, aloe vera is a blessing. If you have acne-prone skin and existing chemical oriented products didn’t help you much then you should consider applying this natural and proven aloe vera gel. Its antibacterial and antioxidant properties can help you out in fighting acne. As I mentioned earlier, the redness and inflammation also can be reduced by using aloe vera.

You can also get rid of acne scars using these 7 DIY face mask for acne scar which uses aloe vera as one of its main ingredients.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for how to use aloe vera on face:

  1.  Do not take a large amount of aloe vera gel and start applying it on your skin, instead apply a small layer of it on your face.
  2. Do not keep rubbing aloe vera gel on your skin. Just dab it on your face.
  3. Do not apply the gel more than twice or thrice a day because it can dry up your skin.
  4. Apply aloe vera gel on your face for ten minutes then wash it off with cold water and lightly dab your skin with a clean towel for refreshing and good looking skin.

Now its time for the promised- Bonus aloe vera gel face pack for glowing and refreshing skin by just using two ingredients!

Aloe Vera and Tomato face pack:

What you will need:

  1. Tomato
  2. Aloe Vera gel

How to make:

  1. Mix the tomato juice with aloe vera gel to make a fine paste.
  2. Apply this paste evenly on your face.
  3. Let it sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash off with cold water.

Why it works:

Tomatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants. Tomato juice is known for its skin lightening and exfoliating properties. It will clean all the underlying dirt and toxins from the skin. This face pack will be really beneficial to remove tan from face. Aloe vera gel will refresh and revitalize your skin to provide a glowing face. For the maximum effect of this face pack, apply this daily before going to sleep and wash off before you doze off.

Here are a few more refreshing aloe vera face pack ideas for acne scars.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to use aloe vera on the face:
1. Can I directly apply aloe vera plant gel on my face?

Yes, you can apply it but it depends upon the conditions where the plant has grown, it would be best if you could grow it yourself or take it from a trusted source.

2. Can I apply Aloe vera gel on wounds or burns?

The effects of aloe vera gel could be different for different people, it would be best if you consult your doctor about this wound or burn.

3. Will it sting if I apply aloe vera on my face?

No, it won’t. Just don’t rub it roughly on your face. Gently apply it on your face.

4. How to know if aloe vera gel is pure or not?

Adulteration and misbranding can occur with any product. The IASC has managed a seal-based certification program since the mid-1980s. This program seeks to clearly identify products in the marketplace that contain aloe vera from those that do not. For more info read this article. Avoid making these mistakes while purchasing or making aloe vera gel.

5. How to know if I am allergic to Aloe vera?

If you experience any rashes or itching or hives, then you could have sensitivity towards the gel and should stop using it immediately!

6. Can I use it on infected skin?

No, you should not use aloe vera gel on infected skin, although it has antimicrobial properties, its protective layer can disrupt the healing process and make the infection even worse!

Summing up, Aloe vera is a really great way to keep your face glowing and moisturized. Nature has provided us this magical plant and we should utilize its benefits.

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