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How To Use Alum Powder for Tooth Decay

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Learn how you can use alum powder for tooth decay, swollen gums, or to get rid of all your mouth problems!

Alum is infamous for its various health benefits and is commonly used to purify water and filter impurities. It is a naturally-occurring salt and is also beneficial for treating your teeth and multiple issues related to oral healthcare. Alum has beneficial antiseptic properties that help heal the gums and prevents tooth decay. Let’s learn more about the benefits of alum powder for tooth decay and the causes of it.

Causes Of Tooth Decay

Accumulation of food in teeth and bacterial growth leads to tooth decay. The growth of plaque on teeth also leads to decaying of the teeth and cavities. The most common cause of cavities is an unbalanced diet. Improving your diet, brushing every day, and gargling are a few preventive methods that can improve or maintain your oral health. Adding vitamins, calcium, magnesium, and iron in your diet can strengthen your teeth as well. If the bacteria are not removed regularly, it leads to the build-up of harmful plaque, further detonating the teeth. Despite all the efforts if you still face issues like tooth decay, bleeding gums, and mouth sores, they can easily be treated with natural salt called alum. If the problem persists, you should consult a dentist for your dental health.

Symptoms of Bad Oral Hygiene

There are signs of bad dental health that should not be ignored. These signs may include constant bad breath, persistent bad taste in the mouth, and bleeding of the gums while or after brushing teeth. Constant pain in the gums and teeth is also a sign that your oral hygiene is suffering.

Alum Powder for Tooth Decay

Alum inhibits the growth of salivary bacteria in your mouth. Apart from this, an oral mixture with alum powder also reduces the ability of streptococci to colonize, making it an efficient preventive solution for tooth decay. The reduction of plaque deposits on the teeth also helps improve the health of the teeth and the mouth. The astringent properties of alum help reduce the pain and inflammation of the gums instantly when applied topically. Studies suggest that alum constricts the blood vessels in the gums, which helps in reducing bleeding of the gums as well.

How To Use Alum for Mouth Problems

1. Effective Remedy for Decaying Teeth

Take a gram of alum powder and mix it with a pinch of turmeric. Apply the alum mix on teeth every day with the help of a toothbrush or with fingertips for a few seconds. Regular application of this alum powder mix prevents tooth decay and restores the health of the teeth.

2. Efficient Solution for Bad Breath

Alum powder, when dissolved with a pinch of rock salt in warm water, is beneficial for the overall health of your mouth and is an extremely effective solution for bad breath. Use this mixture as a mouth wash only, consumption of alum water is not advisable for health.

3. Bleeding Gums and Weak Teeth

The topical application of alum paste made with a gram of alum powder and a pinch of salt and rock salt helps heal the gums and strengthens weak teeth. Massage your gums and teeth with this mixture and rinse your mouth.

4. Treats Mouth Sores

Antibacterial in nature, salt, and alum mixed in water treat mouth sores. Note: A little burning sensation is usual with this mouth rinse. Do not swallow. Adding alum powder remedies for your teeth decay while taking preventive and corrective measures such as regular visits to the dentist and healthy daily dental habits can help you see visible changes in a few weeks only.

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