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Does Lysol Kills Scabies | How To Get Rid Of Scabies

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Are you having a bad case of scabies? Know how does Lysol kills scabies and how to remove them from your environment.

The presence of rashes and burrows on your skin are signs of the skin infestation we know as scabies. These red itchy patches are the bite marks and deep burrows in your skin made by human itch mites. The mites are microscopic in nature and thus cannot be spotted with naked eyes. However, in six weeks, they pose enough damage, as they make deep tunnels and lay eggs under your skin surface. They are also contagious, which means if one person has scabies in the family, he/she can pass it on to other family members as well. Therefore, you must treat this skin condition as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Scabies

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As the mites are more active at night, the first alarming sign would be intense itching when you are sleeping. Also, the initial rashes appear on tender spots and skin folds. For example, between the fingers, in the skin folds of the elbows or knees, under your breasts, penis folds, or shoulder blades. In infants, you can spot tiny blisters on face, palms, and soles. A person with crusted skin in scabies is highly contagious as it is the sign of thousands of mites present on the infected person’s body.

Killing Scabies Mites

Products and medications that treat the skin infestation are called scabicides. You can easily get them with a doctor’s prescription as there is no over-the-counter medication available for scabies. However, several over-the-counter products can help you clean your home and kill the mites. Cleaning your home is another crucial step to treat the condition. Not only does cleaning remove the chances of spreading the infestation in your family, but it also eliminates the chances of reinfestation.
Places and things you should treat to kill the scabies mites include your laundry, bedding, car, furniture, and rugs. Washing your bed linen in hot water kills the mites instantly.

Does Lysol Kills Scabies?

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Even as scabies’ mites do not survive outside the human body for more than three days, it is essential to remove them and clean your environment to avoid reinfestation. Lysol helps thoroughly remove scabies from your environment. The readily available disinfectant kills the mites on hard surfaces and your floors. It is also a safe option that does not ruin your furniture or harm your pets, as more potent disinfectants can pose harm to both.

The mites are attracted to crowded surfaces, so clean the clutter from all the hard surfaces from your home and put the essentials in a sealed plastic bag for seven to ten days. The mites will die without a human host, and you can easily clean the surfaces with Lysol. It would be best if you also used the disinfectant for mopping the floors thoroughly. After that, vacuum the rugs, sofas, and beds properly and dispose of the bag in the bin outside.
All the intimate objects should be sprayed with the disinfectant to kill any mite on the surface.

In addition to these cleaning steps, make sure you wear gloves while cleaning and dispose of them once your home is clean.

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