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Onion Benefits And Uses | Health Benefits Of Onions

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You’ll be amazed by these genius Onion benefits and uses! Save some extra onions from your kitchen and employ them to these amazing uses.

Onion has the power to heal many ailments due to its natural composition. Researchers have proved the compounds of onion to enhance the immune system, fight many tumors, promote healthy hormone function. Some of the known onion benefits and uses are that it fights cancer, fights inflammation, enhances brain, eye, and oral health and promotes hair growth.

Medical Benefits Of Onions

Onions are rich in quercetin, which is a flavonoid. This flavonoid acts as a powerful antioxidant with the other qualities such as anti-cholesterol, antihistamine, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. The anti-bacterial property of onions eliminates toxins from the body. The highest concentration of quercetin can be found at the part of bulb closest to the root and in the outer most ring near the skin. You should always opt for organically grown onion as it is way better than the inorganic ones.

As mentioned earlier, onions are capable of fighting many health issues that you might face in your day to day life. If you are still unaware of onion benefits and uses then check out this detailed list to not restrain yourself from a healthy life!

1. Earache and Wax Build-Up

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If you are a sufferer of constant ear ache and excess wax build up, then you should definitely try this easy life hack. Just use the innermost part of the onion (the heart of onion), and put it inside your ear. You can let the onion stay in your ear overnight and remove it the next morning. This will relieve you from any pain and also, will soften the ear wax making it easier for you to remove.

2. Heal a Burn

Due to the anti-inflammatory property of onions, it’s a great aid to burns and other related injuries. Just cut slice an onion and apply it directly to the affected area, let it be this way for 1-2 minutes. Now, whip some egg whites and apply it to the area and let it sit until it dries. Finally, cover the burn with a gauze bandage and change as needed. This way the burn will heal immediately and possibly, there will be no scars.

3. Bee Stings and Insect Bites

To prevent allergies and swelling due to a bee sting, you just have to grate some onion. Remove the stinger from your body and cover the area with grated onions and you are good to go. The itching will soon start to fade and the swelling too will reduce.

4. Heal Eye Irritation

To cure an eye irritation, cut an onion to get tears into your eyes. Let the tears flow down and this will ease the irritant out of your eye. Do not rub your eyes in such a case as it may worsen the situation and cause serious injuries.

5. A cough, Cold, and Fever

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Onion has been used as a disinfectant for cold and cough for ages.

  • Cold

Eat a raw onion at the early stage of the cold. Or alternatively, you could simply boil an onion and drink it in tea with honey and ginger.

  • A cough

Cut a large onion in half and cover the tops of both halves in 1/2 tablespoon brown sugar. Wait for an hour and consume the syrup twice a day.

  • Fever

To get rid of fever, fill up a pair of socks with cut slices of potatoes and onions along with minced garlic and put it under your feet when you go to bed. Put a cloth fully soaked with chilled water or apple cider vinegar on your head. This easy hack will cause your temperature to lower down in an hour.

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