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How to Remove a Splinter with Honey Easily At Home

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Learn how to remove a splinter with honey at home to avoid any further wound or swelling in that particular area of your skin.

How to Remove a Splinter with Honey1

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Thin fragments of wood or other materials that enter and embed in the skin are referred to as splinters. Splinters are a cause of constant pinching pain, and they can also be a cause of worry if not taken out in time. Splinters left untreated can cause wounds and swellings as well. Although they are easy to remove at home, there are some precautions that one should take before treating a splinter.

It would be best if you always wash your hands and the equipment you plan to use before removing the splinter. Removing splinters is an easy process and does not hurt a lot; however, you should carry out the process with patience and precision.

How To Remove a Splinter With Honey

How to Remove a Splinter with Honey2

Honey is a natural ingredient that is extremely beneficial for your overall health. The inexpensive kitchen essential can also help you take out deep splinters easily without any pain.

Honey absorbs moisture from the area it is applied to and draws out deep-seated splinters. Once they are visible, you can easily take them out with tweezers. The antiseptic and therapeutic properties of honey not only soothe the area but also eliminate the chances of infection.

Method of Applying Honey to Remove a Splinter

Apply a substantial amount of honey where the splinter is embedded in the skin. After that, wait for some time. As honey draws out the splinter naturally, you can remove it with sanitized tweezers once it appears.

However, if the method doesn’t lift the splinter, visit a doctor for treatment.

Things to Keep in Mind When Removing a Splinter

How to Remove a Splinter with Honey3

  • Size of the splinter- You can easily remove small splinters at home. However, if the splinter is big, it should be taken out by a doctor.
  • The direction it is going in the skin – It will hurt less if you pull out the splinter in the same direction it is embedded in the skin. It also eliminates the chances of the splinter breaking inside.
  • How deep it is in the skin – If a splinter is very deep inside, you should seek professional help to get it out.
  • How much of it is sticking out of the skin – If the visible edge of the splinter is tiny and you can’t form a firm grip on it with tweezers, you should visit a doctor.

Removing a Splinter

  1. Wash your hands along with sanitizing the tweezers you will use to remove the splinter.
  2. Check the area under a magnifying glass, if possible. Otherwise, check the area under a lamp or bright light.
  3. Very gently with your nail, scrape in every direction to determine the splinter’s direction in the skin. (It will pinch when scraped in the opposite direction)
  4. If the splintered end is long and visible on the skin’s surface, take it out with the tweezers’ help. If not, use honey to draw it out.

Note: You mustn’t pinch or squeeze the skin around the affected area to draw it out, as the splinter can break.

To conclude, we would say splinters are easy to treat at home. However, if the splinter is big, it looks infected, or if it is located near the eye, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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