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Threptin Biscuits for Hair Growth | Threptin Biscuits Benefits

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Learn why you should start consuming theptin biscuits for hair growth by giving this detailed article a thorough read!

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Threptin biscuits are a nutritional supplement high in protein and calories. It is a vegetarian product suitable for all age groups and pregnant or lactating women. These are a blend of casein and whey proteins and are enriched with vitamins and minerals. You can consume it as a protein supplement. You can even use threptin biscuits for hair growth as well. Keep reading to learn more!

A 100gm Pack of Threptin Biscuits Contains

  • Protein- 30g
  • Carbohydrates – 48g
  • Sugar – 23g
  • Cholesterol – 0g
  • Fat – 14g
  • Nicotinamide – 14g
  • Riboflavin – 1.26mg
  • Thiamine hydrochloride – 1.06mg
  • Energy – 438Kcal

Threptin Biscuits for Hair Growth

Threptin biscuits provide proteins and B complex vitamins that are essential to maintaining healthy hair. Besides, it has antioxidants as well. These protect your body from oxidative stress, which is another reason for unhealthy hair. If your diet is deficient in proteins and vitamins, it is advisable to opt for such nutritional supplements.

Other Benefits of Threptin Biscuits

1. Protein and Fibre

It offers a sustained release of protein and contains the rare protein casein, which your body can absorb and easily use. The high dietary fiber content helps prevent constipation and lower cholesterol levels.

2. Strength and Weight

It helps build muscles and aids muscle recovery post-exercise. Besides, these biscuits help in weight gain as well as build strength.

3. Antioxidants

Contains antioxidants that protect your cells from damage due to free radicals. It, therefore, lowers oxidative stress and the risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

4. Others

It helps boost immunity and provides energy, making it a healthy between-meals snack option. Threptin biscuits don’t contain cholesterol or trans fats. All these properties make it a convenient snack item if you have diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, or obesity.

How to Include in Your Diet

One threptin biscuit has 1.5g of protein. Eat six biscuits a day, three as a snack at 11 am and the three at 4 pm. You can even eat them between meals to quell hunger pangs. However, keep in mind that no change occurs overnight therefore you must make it a habit to see visible results.


Overeating threptin biscuits may cause bloating and digestive problems and may lead to mood swings as well. Consult your doctor before including them in your diet.

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