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Tips to Keep you Healthy this Holiday Season

by Kumar Ankit

The holiday season has come and we know that you will be very excited about them, the cookies, the family gatherings, parties, celebrations, and much more exciting stuff.

You would have taken good care of your health the whole year but it’s easy to fall off the routine during holidays. So this holiday season, let’s take care of our health as well. I know this may sound overwhelming but it’s quite easy to do. We will show you precisely how you can do this.

Living an active lifestyle will be the starting point of this program. Just try to stay active this holiday season that’s all we are asking you. Taking a further step ahead, You might be amazed to know that 15-30 minutes of exercise can lighten your mood, boost your energy levels and can act as a countermeasure for the heavy dinner plans with your friends or family.

Obviously, keeping your exercise routine on track during probably the busiest time is more difficult than one might expect. Here, wellbeing and wellness specialists share 11 hints for making development a steady — and positive — some portion of your vacation season.

We know that take care of your health and exercise regime during the “enjoyment” time of the year is more difficult than any other time of the year.

So, here are 8 tips for taking care of your health this holiday season.

1. Make a Timetable for Your Workouts

To ensure that you make your health a priority, plan and schedule them in your planner, phone calendar, according to your family gatherings or work-related meetings.

Many studies have found out that pre-planned exercises have higher chances of being done.

2. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Different people have different health goals which may include cutting off the fat, losing weight, boosting your stamina or endurance, it’s totally fine if you are cut some slack during the holidays. Sticking to daily workouts, healthy eating, and progress on the path throughout the rest of the year may be easier but during holidays it might become hectic and that’s totally fine.

Be supportive of your goals. This season focus on keeping the habit alive and not abandoning it altogether.

Fun fact, it’s challenging and time-consuming to improve your fitness but its not much challenging to maintain fitness.

You can enjoy your holidays a lot better when you don’t have any guilt towards yourself. Try lowering your expectations, so that you can feel better and don’t go too hard on yourself. After all, we are in the maintenance phase!

3. Prioritize exercise

When there are plenty of holiday events and to-dos to take care of, your healthy routines take the toll first. The best advice from helth.co is to move your body the first thing in the morning. That way you can check it off the list before anything else derails your exercise plans.

Moreover, studies have shown that doing exercise as the first thing in the morning burns more fat than a regular exercise, makes your day energetic and lightens your mood.

4. Try a workout app

There are many workout apps out there that can help you focus on your health. They can remind you, provide short 7 to 10 minutes home workouts with tutorials. You can do them anytime, anywhere and don’t require much brainpower to think about which exercise should we do. These applications are available on all mobile platforms.

You are just one Google search away from them.

We are not recommending any applications because everyone has their own needs and it’s easier to find one with the requirement in mind. Try it out, it will surely help you stay consistent and fit.

5. If not possible keep it short

When you have plenty of to-dos, try squeezing 20-30 minutes of time from your busy schedule for exercise. We know that it’s not as good as a heavy 60 minutes workout but still, it will keep you on track and won’t let you lose the momentum. You can gain a lot of benefits from a focussed 20 minutes workout. You can even try HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) but do it once or twice a week only.

6. Involve indulgence

It’s better to involve your family with you on this journey of being healthy. After all, who will take care of them if you won’t! In holidays, feasts and treats are common but movement becomes quite less. This is one of the causes of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Taking the family or friends on a light walk right after dinner or other treats makes sure the movement is active and also it creates strong bonds between you and them. Early morning walks and sunset strolls are also good ways to spend time with your loving ones. It serves both the purpose of enjoyment and fitness.

7. Try Home Workouts

If you have 15 minutes of spare time then you should surely try HIIT home workouts. This will get your heart rate and energy up, lighten the mood.

Pick any five basic moves like squats, burpees, pushups, mountain climbers, bicycles or crunches. Perform three rounds of each as a set. Working 60 seconds and resting for 20 seconds. Keep yourself hydrated in between these workouts.

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a great way to burn fat since your body continues to restore itself from the training even after hours of its completion.

8. Fewer Sweets

Finally, if you are really serious about your health then you should avoid too many sweets and carbonated drinks. You will save yourself a lot of fats and calories by avoiding these two. Well, we know that sometimes it really difficult to say “NO” but this tip is not for sometimes, it’s for daily sweet-eaters.

Do you know what is five times more addictive than Cocaine? Its sugar.

Sugar shares many characteristics with addictive drugs. In addition to being highly palatable, sugar has a high “hedonic value,” meaning you feel pleasure when you eat it. Avoid artificial sweeteners as well since they contain chemicals and may harm you even more!

We care for you and your family & friends. Share this article with them to know that you care for them too. Involve indulgence this holiday season for being healthy. Happy Holidays!

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