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9 Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits You Should Know

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Everyone knows that watermelon is a great fruit to keep you hydrated and healthy but have you heard about its benefits in the oil form? Here are 9 watermelon essential oil benefits for you to know!

Watermelon essential oil or watermelon seed oil is the extract from the seeds of the watermelon fruit. To process this oil, the seeds are extracted from the seed casing and after drying them thoroughly out in the sun, they are pressed in order to release the oil. Watermelon is a powerhouse of many vital nutrients and some of these nutrients pass to the seed oil as well. The oil has moisturizing properties along with being a detoxifying agent and a powerful antioxidant too. It is rich in Vitamin A and E, omega 9 fatty acids, and linoleic and oleic acids. This makes it a great oil to extract some wonderful benefits from. So we have listed some watermelon essential oil benefits for your reference below.

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits

1. Promotes Hair Growth

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits2

Due to its richness in citrulline, it can shoot up hair growth by producing more arginine (an amino acid) in your body. Arginine is an essential amino acid in the human body as it stimulates microcirculation in the scalp. This microcirculation, in turn, brings helpful nutrients to the hair and fosters hair growth by supporting steady blood flow to the roots.

2. Reduces Oiliness In Hair

Reduces Oiliness In Hair

If you have oily hair and are irritated by the grease all the time even after shampooing, this oil has got your back. Apply it directly to the scalp and wash afterward to attain shiny hair without any grease. Also, it reduces frizz in hair while providing it nutrition to prevent hair breakage and improve the growth pattern.

3. Quick Absorbent

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits3

When using this oil as a carrier oil, you are at an advantage as it feels light and is quickly absorbed into the skin. Moreover, its mildness makes it great for baby’s skin as well. You can use it as a dilator to dilute thicker oils to use the combination to massage on your body. When on the skin, its mild aroma gives you a sweet smell to keep you in a good mood throughout. It reduces excess skin oil and thereby countering the problem of having oily skin. One can even use this oil for application over skin suffering from diseases as eczema and psoriasis as it is generally safe and gentle. However, we would suggest you take your doctor into consideration before using it.

4. Anti-aging


Free radical and other oxidizing agents in the surrounding tend to damage the skin and increase the aging rate of your skin. Since watermelon seed oil has powerful antioxidant properties, it gives the cells a better ability to deal with the free radicals. Apply the oil on your face once a day and let it seep in to get most of the nutrients and neutralize the free radicals before they damage the collagen.

5. Boosts Immune System

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits4

Watermelon essential oil has high Vitamin E composition which is better known to be vital to the functioning of the immune system. You can either intake it orally or let it seep into the skin and later to our system. It also protects our nervous system and prevents unsaturated fatty acids from doing any damage.

6. Detoxifies Body

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits5

Another watermelon essential oil benefit is that it potentially detoxifies your body from harmful toxins. You can massage your body using this oil to eliminate dust and dirt away from the skin. Massaging with watermelon seed oil also helps to remove toxins from the body through the sweat pores. Watermelon seed oil may also be helpful in detoxifying the liver from damage induced by toxic substances.

7. Tones The Skin

Tones The Skin

The presence of natural substances in the oil makes it a great alternative to the chemical-based toners in the market. These substances help in shrinking the skin tissue and gives a fresh look altogether.

8. Anti-inflammatory


Being anti-inflammatory means that it can reduce itching, allergies and other burning sensation on the skin. Just dilute it with equal parts of your carrier oil and apply to the wound. It also promotes the healing process due to richness in Vitamin-E.

9. Natural Moisturizer

Watermelon Essential Oil Benefits6

When you have watermelon seed oil, you need no other commercial moisturizer to use over the skin. It has natural moisturizing properties that hydrate your skin well enough and also protects it from environmental damage. And since it gets quickly absorbed, it doesn’t leave a greasy effect after.

All in all, the watermelon seed oil is a natural and gentle product to counter many ailments from the body. We hope that after reading these watermelon seed oil benefits, you will certainly inherit the habit of including it in your lifestyle. You can use it as a seasoning over salads, or as a base of soap, or simply switch it with the commercial beauty products you have. It can make a lot of difference.

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