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All You Need To Know About Weight Lifting For Women

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Weight lifting for women is a great way of developing strength, losing muscle and gaining confidence in life. Read this article to find all about weight lifting for women.

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Weight lifting is a training that develops the strength and size of skeletal muscles. It needs the “force of gravity” in the form of dumbbells, weight bars or plates, etc. that focus on a particular group of muscles. It requires you to be in a perfect position and form. Moreover, the movements should be controlled and carefully defined; otherwise, it can lead to any severe injury or dislocation of any part.

There are certain things to remember while we do it:

1. Stretching and Warm-up

Stretching and warm up

Stretching and warming up is the most necessary thing before you lift any weight. At least 5-15 minutes of stretching is a must thing. It is basically to attain flexibility all over the body so that you don’t remain stiff. It shouldn’t be a static stretching.

2. Breathing

Breathing plays an important role. While lifting a weight, you lower your body, at that time, you’re supposed to inhale, while when you release the weight, exhale. The breathing pattern gets deepen during this time. Breathe deeply while you lift heavy weights as it helps to generate the intra-abdominal pressure.

3. Drink Water

Drink Water

There is an optimum amount of water which is required while lifting weight to keep the body hydrated. Otherwise, it can make you dehydrated, which can prove fatal for your body. Some people are advised to take 200 ml every 15 minutes while doing exercise. It depends upon your weight as well as of the weight that you are lifting.

4. Immediate Pain

Most importantly, if you feel any pain while doing it, halt it on the spot and seek advice from an expert because it can be a sign of wrong position or form that you are following.

You might be wondering whether you should opt for gym membership or workout at home?

Weight lifting for women2

Weight lifting requires the proper form and heavy equipment. You should first learn about the postures from a trained professional for each weight lifting for women, after that you can surely do them at home.

It is obvious to opt for a home-workout plan instead of the gym because gym memberships can be quite expensive and not everyone could afford them. Whereas, the home workout would need types of equipment and require one-time pay. Although, if you need to walk out of your home zone, you can go to the gym where you’ll get professional experts and trainers to guide you as well.

In this cruel world, you don’t need to be under the umbrella of patriarchy and strive to attain your protection by your hands only. It’s believed that a woman is safer with a man as they are much physically stronger than women. This theory can easily be proved wrong if a woman would push herself to be fit like that. Once a woman becomes fit and attains sufficient strength, she can overcome any obstacle and force. Many women who are confined to their households don’t get time to workout at the gym; there’s no worry in this case because weight lifting can be done at home too, along with other moderate exercises. It includes very basic types of equipment which are affordable. Even if you don’t wish to buy any, you can go for home-made equipment with proper weight.

Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women:

1. Increased Physical Strength

You’ll attain an amazing physical strength. This would help you to get independent, as mentioned above. You can protect yourself from any evils in any space, you won’t have to look for any help from a man. Apart from this, lifting certain heavy and bulky items can be done easily. Lifting a heavy bag of sugar, flour, or any other item like a table needs physical strength as well. In fact, mothers having kids needs to be strong to lift them. It is useful in exercising daily tasks. A woman’s body strength can increase from 30 to 50 percent after doing weight lifting.

2. Mental Well Being

Mental Well Being

Weight lifting for women can prosper their mental health, as well. As long as you are strong, you’ll obviously feel more confident and acceptable in society or family. It will always make you feel good and better than others. Also, there will be a sense of peace, as well. Therefore, it can fight depression. It also helps in enhancing cardiovascular health as it lowers LDL and increases HDL, which is good for health.

3. Safe from Injuries and osteoarthritis

All our connective tissues and joint stability gets stronger with the help of weight training. In turn, you’ll be safe from the injuries and lower back pain and osteoarthritis that often disturbs a woman and becomes a hurdle in the daily routine.

4. Losing Body Fat

Weight lifting for women3

You’ll end up losing body fat too. An average woman training 2-3 times a week for two months would end up losing 3-5 pounds of weight. It because of the excellent metabolism, which is provided by weight lifting. Your muscles will also start developing which will make day to day tasks easy for you. When you’re stronger, life is easier.

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