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7 DIY Mask For Acne Scar | Home Remedies For Acne

by Kumar Ankit

Win from acne using these 7 DIY masks for acne scar. Regularly applying these face masks will remove your acne scars permanently.

Acnes are inevitable for some of the teenagers. They have to go through this tough phase in their life, and acne marks are the battle scars sitting on their face- telling everyone about the tough battle they have fought! We are with you on this battle. Actually, getting rid of acne scars are a little tougher than getting rid of the acne itself. But regular efforts and these DIY mask for acne scar will surely help you to get rid of these acne scars permanently. Using natural ingredients are the best choice to treat acne because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals which can irritate your skin and might even elevate the inflammation.

Keep reading till the end for a secret tip to remove acne permanently from your face!

Let’s take a look at all these DIY masks for acne scar.

1. Honey and Aloe Vera Mask

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 1


  1. 1 tablespoon of aloe vera
  2. Unpasteurized honey

Mix both of the ingredients in equal amounts, if you are mixing 1 tablespoon of aloe vera then add 1 tablespoon of honey to it.

Why this works:

Unpasteurized honey is full of antioxidants and is really moisturizing, it also slows down aging due to its richness in antioxidant. It cleans all your pores and eliminates blackheads. Why honey is so great when it comes to acne and its scars are because of its anti-bacterial property which means it will kill all the bad bacteria on your skin, stopping further growth of ance.

See the difference between raw honey and regular Honey.

Aloe vera goes deep under your skin to treat acne scars, moisturizing and replenishes your skin. This will over time fade your acne marks, repairs scars and is especially good to treat damaged tissues. Apply this homemade facemask three to four times a week for desired results.

2. Aloe Vera, Turmeric and Lemon Mask

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 2


  1. Aloe Vera
  2. 2 teaspoon turmeric
  3. 2 tablespoon lemon

Extract aloe vera from the plan directly( the best method) or buy aloe vera gel. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera, add 2 teaspoons of turmeric. Apply this paste on your face after cleansing with a brush. Let it sit for 30 minutes. After it is hardened, rinse it off.

Why this works:

Lemons are packed with citric acid and Vitamin C which helps in lightening and brightening your skin. It also as an exfoliator, which removes dead skin cells over time

Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory properties which are clinically proven to reduce the redness and the swelling caused by the acne.

3. Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and Cinnamon Mask

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 3


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Honey
  3. 1 tablespoon Cinnamon
  4. 2 tablespoon Green Tea


Steam the green tea leaves with some hot water in a bowl, let them get green and let the leaves open. Add one tbsp of apple cider vinegar- try it in small amounts and see how your skin reacts to it because it can be harsh for your skin. You can also dilute it in water beforehand. Add 1 tbsp of honey and add 1 tbsp of cinnamon. This face mask might make your skin feel tingling and harsh and your face might even get red but it’s just all the active ingredients working together to make your skin get better.

Why this works:

Apple cider vinegar has AHA- Alpha Hydroxy Property. It helps to tighten the skin, reduce inflammation and unclog skin pores. Also, it can control the overproduction of sebum.

Cinnamon can help to dry your pimples and totally plump your skin,  it also opens your pores and de-clogs the skin. This can also be useful when you have dark spots. These two above can be little harsh on your skin so to balance out, we introduce green tea leaves- Great in detoxifying your body as well as skin. This DIY mask for acne scar can prove to be really effective if you apply it regularly.

4. Turmeric and Yoghurt

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 4


  1. 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder
  2. 1-2 tablespoon of fresh yogurt.

Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste and apply on cleansed face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it off. Repeat this for 3-4 times a week.

Why does this work?

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and has been used for ages to fight against bacterial growth. It is also known widely for its skin lightening properties, it lightens the dark spots and maintains the elasticity of the skin by building up collagen.

Yogurt contains zinc which slows down the aging process and makes your skin look younger. It reduces the dark spots and the scars caused by acne, it also brightens the skin just like turmeric. Both of them make a strong team to fight against acne scars.

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5. Potato Juice and Lemon

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 5


  1. Potato
  2. 1/2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Clean the potato completely, remove sprouts and green spots. Grate this potato, you need the juice out of this potato. Use cheese or muslin cloth to squeeze out the juice. Now, mix 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of the potato juice. Mixture proportion is 1:2. Apply the mixture on your face with the help of a brush or cotton. Keep the mask for good 30 minutes and wash it off. Add honey to this mixture if you have dry skin. Applying this DIY mask for acne scar- 3 to 4 times a week for desired results.

Why this works:

Potato and lemon both contain Vitamin C which reduces the appearance of scars and other types of damage caused to the skin. They help in fading out post-breakout red marks by improving the skin’s natural healing process. Raw potato works well in fighting acne spots, skin pigmentation and boosts collagen production too. These two ingredients are considered as natural bleach!

6. Cucumber and Yogurt

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 6


  1. Cucumber
  2. 2 tablespoons of yogurt

Cut the cucumber into small pieces and blend them to make a paste. Mix yogurt into this paste. Apply this paste after cleaning your face. Apply this DIY mask for acne scar, and let it sit for 30 minutes, rinse off with normal water.

Why it works:

Cucumber has astringent property, which helps to cure acne scars as well as the redness and pain caused by acne. It helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells and has natural cooling effects to reduce pain and inflammation. Its antioxidant and Vitamin E properties help to fight against the free radicals causing acne and the scars.

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7. Egg White and Lemon

7 Natural DIY Mask For Acne Scar 7


  1. 1 tablespoon egg white
  2. 1/2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Mix both these ingredients and apply to your face after cleaning it. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash it off. Applying this DIY mask for acne scar on a regular basis will help to eliminate them permanently!

Why this works:

Egg white is helpful in fighting oily skin because it shrinks pores and helps to tighten the skin. It is known for its rich protein content and also has albumin, that makes your skin regeneration faster- making the acne scars disappear.

Now, its time for the promised secret which can help you to get rid of scars permanently:

Avoid dairy products especially milk: Humans are probably the only creature on earth who drink milk even when they are older. On the other hand, other animals stop drinking their mama’s milk at a younger age, unlike humans who keep on drinking milk even of other animals like cow, buffalo, goat, etc. Many people on the internet have claimed that they got rid of ance by leaving dairy products. Experiment this on yourself by stop drinking milk and consuming other dairy products to see if it helps you too!

Please note: All the ingredients mentioned in the article are natural and don’t pose any irritation on the skin. However, if you feel redness or any sort of irritation, stop using that mask and try another one from the article.

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