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Homemade Hair Strengthening Cream | Replenish the Dull Hair

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Nourish and Fortify Your Hair: Discover the Power of Homemade Hair Strengthening Cream to give your hair the attention and care it deserves!

Excessive heat styling, frequent chemical treatments, and rough handling lead to hair damage. This weakens the structure and makes it prone to breakage. Hair damage affects the overall health and appearance of your hair. Damaged hair often looks dull, dry, and frizzy, lacking its natural shine and smoothness. It becomes difficult to manage and style, resulting in a lackluster and unhealthy appearance. Additionally, damaged hair is more susceptible to split ends, breakage, and hair loss. Taking proactive measures to prevent hair damage, such as adopting gentle hair care practices, minimizing heat and chemical treatments, and nourishing the hair with proper conditioning and moisturizing, is essential to maintain strong, vibrant, and healthy hair. Keep reading to find two of the most effective homemade hair-strengthening creams to revive your hair to its natural shine!

Hair Damage: Why it Occurs?

1. Poor Nutrition

Hair requires a balanced diet and adequate intake of essential nutrients, including protein, vitamins (such as biotin and vitamin E), and minerals (like iron and zinc). A lack of these nutrients can weaken the hair, leading to brittleness and breakage. A lot of our lives in these modern times include junk eating habits that are insufficient to give you the right nutrients.

2. Excessive Heat Styling

Frequent use of heat-styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers can cause damage to the hair shaft, making it weak and more susceptible to breakage. The high temperatures can strip the hair of moisture and proteins, leading to dry, brittle strands.

3. Overprocessing and Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments like hair dyeing, bleaching, perming, and relaxing involve the use of harsh chemicals that can weaken the hair over time. These treatments can disrupt the hair’s natural structure, leading to damage and breakage if not done properly or if used too frequently.

4. Excessive Brushing and Styling

Mechanical damage to hair strands can happen when you handle your hair roughly or brush them excessively. Another cause could be tight hairstyles that pull the hair, such as tight ponytails or braids. This eventually weakens the hair and leads to breakage, especially when it becomes a part of daily routine.

5. Environmental Factors

Exposure to environmental elements like UV radiation from the sun, pollution, and harsh weather conditions are major actors in damaging hair cuticles. When the hair cuticles are exposed to damage, it makes the hair prone to breakage. Chlorine in swimming pools and salt water can also have a drying effect on the hair.

6. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, menopause, or certain medical conditions, can affect the hair’s strength. These hormonal imbalances may lead to hair loss and might change the hair texture, making it weaker and more prone to breakage.

7. Aging

As we age, the production of natural oils by the scalp decreases, resulting in drier and more fragile hair. Additionally, the hair follicles may shrink and produce thinner strands, contributing to hair weakness and breakage.

To maintain hair strength, it is important to follow a healthy hair care routine that includes a balanced diet, gentle handling of the hair, minimal heat styling, and regular moisturizing and conditioning. Additionally, minimizing the use of harsh chemical treatments and protecting the hair from environmental damage can help maintain its strength and prevent breakage. Resort to natural remedies and ingredients to avoid the risk of side effects.

Homemade Hair Strengthening Cream 

#1 Coconut Oil and Shea Butter


  • Shea Butter (2 Tbsp.)
  • Coconut Oil (2 Tbsp.)
  • Argan Oil (1 Tbsp.)
  • Castor Oil (1 Tbsp.)
  • 10 Drops of Essential Oil (optional)


  1. Use a double boiler method to melt the shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, and castor oil. Be sure to heat and stir the mixture until the butter and all oils are well-melted.
  2. Once all ingredients combine well, take the bowl off of heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
  3. If you wish to add a slight fragrance to the cream, you may add 10 drops of the essential oil you prefer most.
  4. Transfer the mixture to a clean, airtight container, such as a small jar or tin.
  5. Allow the cream to cool completely and solidify before use.

How To Use

  1. Take the pea size of the homemade hair-strengthening cream and rub it between your palms to warm it up.
  2. Use this cream on damp hair and apply it on the ends of the hair.
  3. Once you cover the ends nicely, massage the cream into your scalp.
  4. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or overnight for a deep conditioning treatment.
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly and follow your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.
  6. Repeat this treatment once or twice a week for best results.

This homemade hair-strengthening cream combines nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, argan oil, and castor oil, which are known for their moisturizing and strengthening properties. The cream helps to hydrate and fortify your hair, reducing breakage and promoting healthier, stronger strands.

#2 All the Oils Hair Mask


  • Avocado Oil (2 Tbsp.)
  • Sweet Almond Oil (2 Tbsp.)
  • Jojoba Oil (1 Tbsp.)
  • Honey (1 Tbsp.)
  • Aloe Vera Gel (1 Tbsp.)
  • Rosemary Essential Oil (Optional)


  1. Add all ingredients in a bowl and mix till they all combine well.
  2. You may as well add 5 drops of rosemary essential oil to the mixture for extra nourishment as it has potential hair-strengthening properties.
  3. Stir well until all the ingredients mix thoroughly.

How To Use

  1. Start with dry or damp hair.
  2. Warm the cream a bit by rubbing it between your palms.
  3. Identify the most damaged parts of your hair and start applying the cream to those areas.
  4. Once done, apply the cream to your scalp and give yourself a relaxing massage.
  5. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes or longer for a deep conditioning treatment. You can even cover your hair with a shower cap or towel to enhance absorption.
  6. Rinse your hair thoroughly and follow your regular shampoo and conditioner routine.
  7. Repeat this treatment once or twice a week for optimal results.

This homemade hair-strengthening cream combines nourishing oils like avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and jojoba oil, which help moisturize and strengthen the hair. Honey is popular for its humectant properties, which help retain moisture, while aloe vera gel promotes hair health and adds shine. Rosemary essential oil is optional but it can provide additional benefits for hair strength and growth. Remember to perform a patch test before applying any new product to your hair or scalp to check for any potential allergic reactions.

Good Hair Day: Every Day!

1. Gentle Handling

Avoid aggressive brushing, combing, or towel-drying on a daily basis, as these actions can cause friction and lead to breakage. Use a wide-toothed comb or a brush with soft bristles to detangle your hair gently, starting from the ends and working your way up.

2. Minimize Heat Styling

Limit the use of heat-styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. When you do use them, use heat protectant sprays or serums to minimize damage. Opt for lower heat settings and reduce the frequency of heat styling to allow your hair to recover and retain moisture.

3. Protective Hairstyles

Avoid tight hairstyles that pull on the hair, as they can lead to breakage. Instead, opt for loose hairstyles that minimize tension on the hair. Use hair accessories like scrunchies or cloth-covered elastic bands that are gentle on the hair.

4. Sun Protection

Protect your hair from harmful UV radiation by wearing hats or scarves when exposed to the sun for extended periods. You can even use hair care products that contain UV filters for added protection.

5. Moisturize and Condition

Well-moisturize your hair by using a good-quality conditioner after every wash. Deep condition your hair regularly to restore moisture and nourishment. Consider using leave-in conditioners or hair oils to provide additional hydration and protection.

6. Avoid Overwashing

Washing your hair too frequently can strip it of its natural oils, leading to dryness and breakage. Opt for a gentle shampoo and try to wash your hair every 2-3 days or as needed.

7. Healthy Diet

Maintain a balanced diet rich in nutrients like protein, vitamins (especially biotin and vitamin E), and minerals (such as iron and zinc). These nutrients are essential for healthy hair growth and strength.

8. Avoid Harsh Chemical Treatments

Minimize the use of harsh chemical treatments like excessive hair dyeing, bleaching, perming, or relaxing. If you do undergo these treatments, ensure they are done by a professional and follow proper aftercare guidelines.

9. Regular Trims

Get regular trims to remove split ends and prevent them from traveling up the hair shaft. This helps maintain the overall health and strength of your hair.

10. Protect from Environmental Factors

Protect your hair from harsh weather conditions, pollution, and chlorinated or saltwater. Consider using protective hairstyles or covering your hair with a scarf or hat when exposed to these elements.

By following these tips and adopting a gentle and mindful approach to hair care, you can help protect your hair from damage, maintain its strength, and promote overall hair health.

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