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8 All-Natural DIY Nail Growth Serum Recipes

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Forget those chemical nail treatments to rely upon for nail growth and use these non-toxic DIY nail growth serum recipes instead.

Apart from promoting nail growth, all these DIY nail growth serum recipes will work towards improving the overall health of your nails with the goodness of the natural ingredients.

1. DIY Nail Growth Serum

DIY Nail Growth Serum Recipes1

Instead of relying upon chemical-based nail serums, DIY one with natural ingredients at home in no time. Follow this DIY nail growth serum recipe here.

2. Garlic Clove For Nails

Garlic Clove Nail Growth Remedy

Using natural ingredients for nails not just promote the growth but also strengthens it and therefore prevents it from breakage. Follow the recipe at Musely.

3. Olive oil Nail Growth Serum

Garlic Clove Nail Growth Serum2

Olive oil and clove work together to repair any damage to the nails or the cuticles, ultimately leading to healthier nails. Get the recipe in detail at Makeup And Beauty.

4. Essential Oils Nail Strengthening Remedy

Essential Oils Nail Strengthening Serum

When your nails are healthy, they don’t need anything else to promote their growth. So your foremost concern should be to keep up with their health. Use these ingredients here in your nail serum to provide them strength naturally.

5. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E Nail Remedy

DIY Nail Growth Serum Recipes3

Treat weak, dry, and brittle nails with this nail growth serum here to nourish and boost up their health. You’ll need jojoba oil, vitamin e, and a few essential oils.

6. Easy DIY Nail Growth Serum Recipes

Healthy Nails Remedy

Achieve longer and stronger nails without relying upon any chemicals and basing your serum with organic ingredients. Get the recipe here.

7. Miracle Nail Growth

Miracle Nail Growth Serum

For this recipe, mix one-part aloe vera gel with one part castor oil, vitamin E capsule, and one garlic clove. Use the serum regularly to see considerable results. Click here.

8. Sea Salt Nail Growth Remedy

Sea Salt Nail Growth Serum

Follow this basic serum recipe using olive oil, lemon juice, honey, and sea salt to strengthen and promote the growth of your nails.

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