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How to Grow Eyelashes and Eyebrows | How to Get Thick Eyebrows and Eyelashes

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Grow your eyelashes thick and to their maximum capacity with this easy recipe on how to get thick eyebrows and eyelashes. Use this serum regularly for effective results!

Due to many factors, our eyelashes resist to grow to their maximum capacity and those reasons could be anything related to your body, which you might never know! Long eyelashes have always been a feminine trait and many of us use harmful makeup products to extend them. Even without commercial products, it’s still possible to grow your eyelashes or eyebrow hairs by stimulating your hair follicles.

Don’t just blindly trust on those hair growth supplements or artificial lashes, even if they guarantee to be safe they are not! Try this very effective homemade serum recipe to grow your sparse eyebrows and eyelashes. Follow the instructions below to make your serum at home.


  1. Aloe Vera Gel
  2. Castor Oil
  3. Vitamin E Capsules


  1. Take a bowl and pour one teaspoon of aloe vera gel into it. Aloe vera contains several vitamins and nutrients that promote the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.
  2. Add 2 teaspoon of castor oil to the same bowl. Castor oil is a very powerful oil when it comes to stimulating hair follicles. It gives you voluminous lashes while fighting against the microorganisms that hamper the growth.
  3. Lastly, add 2 vitamin E capsules and mix the ingredients very well. Vitamin E helps you to get thick eyebrows.
  4. Store the serum in an airtight container.


Take an eyelash brush and apply the serum to your lashes and eyebrows every night before going to bed. Next morning wash it with normal water. Within a few days, you’ll notice a positive growth in your lashes and eyebrows!

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