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Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol | Alternative Treatment For High Cholesterol

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Try these Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol and see the results yourself!

Some of you may not know it, but cholesterol is not necessarily bad. Indeed, you have to know the difference between good and bad cholesterol. It is the latter who is worth all your worries and to whom we will take a closer look.

What is cholesterol, first of all?

It is a vital molecule for the body that is transported by proteins to participate in the construction of growth hormones, the synthesis of vitamin E or the creation of digestive bile. When a protein called low-density lipoprotein (LDL) drops excess cholesterol into the arteries, it causes a lot of health problems because the arteries become clogged. This is where we talk about bad cholesterol.

When the verdict falls, people with this condition are subject to a very strict diet and must consume several types of drugs to rebalance the cholesterol in their body.

What you need to know is that there are natural remedies that can help you lower your bad cholesterol levels in incredible ways. It would be a shame not to try to check if your body is receptive to this type of treatment.

Here are 4 natural remedies to lower your bad cholesterol level!


Flaxseed has many benefits that it would be good to enjoy. Especially when it comes to lowering the rate of bad cholesterol.

Why, are you sure? Well, simply because of the richness of its unsaturated fatty acid composition. These will contribute to lowering the level of LDL in the blood and therefore, the risk of ending up with clogged arteries decreases drastically. Faced with all the benefits of flaxseed, the blood pressure, in turn, observes a significant and welcome drop.

To take advantage of its virtues, consider consuming 20 grams of ground flaxseed daily for about 6 to 7 weeks. It is at this stage of treatment that the first results can be observed.


Yes, the number of apples eaten daily plays a big role here. Indeed, the body is really impacted by the consumption of this fruit only if you ingest two. It is the amount of pectin (fiber) contained in it that contributes to lowering the level of bad cholesterol.

These pectins will influence the total production process of cholesterol by the body and will rebalance (in the long term) the rate of bad/good cholesterol in the blood. The fibers of the apple participate in the elimination of bile salts that play a role in the production of cholesterol. With two apples, you give your body the amount of pectin needed to rid it of the bile salt responsible for the imbalance of the good/bad cholesterol ratio.

Remember to choose organic apples and eat them with their peel to enjoy all their benefits!


Green tea is extremely good for the body! This finding is truer when it comes to cholesterol. If you want to rebalance your metabolism and fix the rate of good and bad cholesterol in your blood, consider drinking green tea.

On the one hand, it will allow you to hydrate more often and to participate in good health of your cardiovascular system.

Drink an average of 2 to 3 cups of well-infused green tea a day for several weeks to start observing the effects.


With the polyunsaturated fatty acids found in soy lecithin, this substance can effectively help you lower your bad cholesterol levels. Indeed, the particular composition of soy lecithin allows this “food” to focus on the bad cholesterol to get rid of it effectively.

Remember to do tests before the start of treatment and then two months later to ensure its effectiveness. Do not perform tests during treatment or before the end of the two months, you may be afraid of the rise in bad cholesterol. However, this increase is justified by the desincrustation of the cholesterol plaques of the arteries and their momentary passage in the blood.

Soy lecithin has no taste, you can integrate it into your dishes (2 tablespoons per day) without damaging the flavor.

I am sure these Natural Remedies For High Cholesterol will work wonders for you.

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