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How To Make Your Own Essential Oil | DIY Essential Oil

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Learn how to make your own essential oil with flowers or plant materials at home and save yourself from spending on commercial essential oils!

Commercial essential oils can be expensive since it takes much effort and time to process it into the final product. However, they are relatively cheap to make at home with some necessary information. But before knowing the steps, you must get an idea of what exactly essential oils are and what makes them the choice of most people!

What Are Essential Oils?

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Essential oil is a concentrated liquid, which is extracted from the compounds of a specific plant or flowering plant. Since it contains the essence of a plant’s fragrance, they are often used as aromatherapy to provide relaxation from stress. However, there is no evidence as to its effectiveness in treating any disease or wound. They are the first choice when it comes to naturally treating any skin infections; you need to choose the right essential oil for the right ailment! Alternatively, they are known as volatile oils, ethereal oils, aetherolea. Improper use of essential oil may prove to be harmful, resulting in skin irritation and allergies.

How-To Essential Oil

What You Need

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  1. Extracts of plants or flowers
  2. A Glass Jar With Lid
  3. A Small Bottle (similar to an essential oil bottle)
  4. A Strainer
  5. Bowl
  6. Cheesecloth
  7. Spoon
  8. Dropper


  1. Choose on whatever plant or flower you want to make essential oil of, for instance, consider rose. Take an ample amount of rose petals in a glass bowl. Remember, you’ll need enough amount of the plant extract to make a small amount of the oil.
  2. Place the petals in a ziplock bag and tap on the petals gently with a spoon to release out the fragrance of it.
  3. Put the petals inside a glass jar and fill up the pot with extra virgin olive oil up to 2-3 cms above the rose petals. Close the lid and let it sit undisturbed for about 3-4 days.
  4. After 3-4 days, strain the olive oil with a strainer into a bowl.
  5. Store the oil in a small bottle and fix the dropper on its top to have unmessy access to the oil. Store it in a cool and dark place until the time you need to use it!

Likewise, if you wish to make essential oil with a plant matter instead, follow the below steps.

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  1. Choose the plant matter you wish to work upon. For example, let’s consider making thyme essential oil. It’s crucial to choose a healthy harvest to make sure that the essential oil works. If you’ll work upon a dried and unhealthy harvest, it’s not going to work anyway.
  2. Leave your harvest in the sun for a period until they dry, likely 2-3 days. You can hang them with a clothespin or leave them under the sun on a cotton cloth.
  3. After they dry out completely, heat some water in a big container and add this dried thyme to it, let it boil at average boiling temperature for about 10-15 minutes. Cover the container with a glass lid which has some space to allow little steam to pass through it.
  4. Turn off the stove and carefully strain the oil into a bowl. Later, transfer it into a small bottle with the dropper as the cap. That’s it!

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