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How To Remove Boat Seats | Ways To Remove Boat Seats

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Your boat seats aren’t fixed to the boat completely, you can remove them completely. Learn how to remove boat seats below.

In the summer season, if you have a boat, you can consider yourself lucky. As you can go out and enjoy the summers truly on a hot sunny day. During this season, people use a boat quite a lot, and it is quite important to maintain it properly so that you can increase its life expectancy. To do maintenance, one can generally clean it, oil the moving parts and make sure the engine is working fine if it’s a motor boat. But sometimes, we have to remove the seats of the boat to clean it thoroughly or replace them. Removal of the seat from the boat can get difficult sometimes. As it depends on the type of the material of the seat, and how they are fixed. But no worries, in this article we can explain how to remove boat seats quite easily, without much hassle!

Top Ways To Remove Boat Seats 

You don’t have to worry, as there are quite a few ways in which you can fix a boat! And it is as simple as it can be to remove the seats like you are unscrewing a screw with a screwdriver. It depends on the type of seat and the way one has to remove the seat.

1. Pedestal Seat

Probably the easiest one to remove as you just have to lean down towards the seat, so that you can reach the bottom of the seat. There you can see the rivets which are holding the seat tight. You need someone’s assistance for the next steps. Also, you just need to tell your helping hand to hold on to the seat, so that it doesn’t move and doesn’t fall on you, while you are removing it.

You may be able to see the bolts, you just have to unscrew them easily, and make sure you remove the attachment on the top of the seat, which was holding the seat, and the body of the boat for the support. You can just pull the seat away from that position, and voila! The seat is ready to work with.

2. Seats with a Cushion

Some boats have extra comfortable seats with cushions. It is also easy to remove them, you just need to remove the cushions first, as they are just for comfort. So, for the back seat cushion, there must be some screw or bolt used to hold the cushion against the seat. You just have to unscrew it and you may be able to remove it from the seat.

Sometimes, they tie the cushions up using some zipper or some kind of slip-on, reach to the edge of the seat and look for the zipper and remove the cushion by using the zip. Then after removing all the cushions, you just have to unscrew the bolts which are there to support the seat with the boat. Following the procedures above, that you did for pedestal seats, you can easily remove the seats out from the boat.

3. Wooden Seats

Some boats also come with sturdy wooden seats. It looks quite elegant as well. Removing them requires a few extra tools. You will need a pry bar, along with your regular screwdriver. First, you need to reach the bottom of the seat, hold it tight and unscrew all the bolts holding the seat with the boat. After unscrewing the bolts, you just have to pry the seat out from its position, as they fix them quite hard with the boat hull. The seat is out, and you can send it to repair or replacement.

The Bottom Line

So, all in all, it is quite easy to remove the seats of a boat, you just have to make sure you get to know about how they are held up against the boat. If you still are not able to figure it out, you can always refer to the manual of the boat. It has all the information about the boat, and their respective fixing of it as well.

Even if you are not able to figure it out, after reading the manual, you can always visit the local workshop to make them fix it for you. Although, if you go over the manual, it will be quite easy to figure out, as well as fun to do yourself!

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