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15 Surprising Alternative Uses of Sugar you Never Knew

by Kumar Ankit

Using sugar only in the kitchen? You are missing out! These alternative uses of sugar are sure to surprise you.

Sugar is mainly extracted from sugarcane or sugar beet. Sugar has a rich history and was called the “White Gold” by the British colonists. Common household sugar or the “table sugar” is refined through refining processes to remove the molasses. Since refined sugar goes through so many refining process that it has “zero” nutritional value.

Sugar can be used in many other possible ways which can make your life easier. Here are some alternative uses of sugar:

1. Wound Treatment

Uses of Sugar 1

Sugar can be used to treat cuts and ulcers(external). It can reduce microbial growth and promote the healing process. It’s been used for ages to treat wounds. Pour some sugar granules on the wound to prevent infections.

2. Face Scrub

Sugar mixed with lemon makes a wonderful face exfoliating scrub. To get rid of dead skin cells and get radiant skin, use this scrub 3 times a week.

3. Use as a lipstick extender

Sprinkle some sugar on top of your lipstick and lick it off after some time. This will extend the application of lipstick.

4. Coffee and Sugar body scrub

Uses of Sugar 2

Coffee has antioxidants and when mixed with sugar, can tone and your skin. Follow the full tutorial here.

5. Pedicure

You can remove hard skin from your heels and feet easily using a pinch of sugar and a gel soap. Rub a pumice stone on the affected area to remove it.

6. Remove Unwanted Hair

Sugar can be used as a natural waxing agent. Here’s how you can use sugar to remove unwanted hair from the face.

7. Tongue burns

Uses of Sugar 3

Burns from hot pizza to hot coffee or tea, sugar can soothe the burn on your tongue. Sprinkle some sugar on the burn and the burn will start to disappear after some time.

8. Spice burn

Sugar can ease the spice burn in your mouth. Suck a teaspoon of sugar or sugar cube to ease out the burn.

9. Remove strong odors

Eating fish or eggs can leave a lingering odor on your hands. Sugar can help you. Just pour some sugar on your hand and wash it with hand wash, the smell will surely disappear.

10. Keep your cut flowers fresh

Uses of Sugar 4

Add three teaspoons of sugar and two tablespoons of vinegar for a quarter of water. Add this to freshly cut flowers, sugar will feed the flower and vinegar removes any bacterial growth. This will keep your flowers fresh for an extended period.

11. Cookie Freshener

Adding a few sugar cubes in an airtight box of cookies can prevent them from getting stale.

12. Melt ice & snow

Just like salt, sugar can also be used to melt ice.

13. Treat Bug Bites

Uses of Sugar 5

To treat a bug bite, grab a damp cloth and mash a sugar cube, apply it on the affected area. This will soothe the pain and dissipate the swelling.

14. Cure hiccups with sugar

To treat annoying hiccups, grab a teaspoon of sugar and swallow it. Your hiccups will disappear quickly.

15. Keep cheese fresh

Keep your cheese in an airtight container and add a couple of sugar cubes to it. This will keep it mold free.

Liked these uses of sugar? Drop your comments below if you have any questions or suggestions!

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