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Apricot Face Scrub Benefits | How To Make Apricot Face Scrub

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Know how ground apricot kernels and scrubs made from them are the keys to clean, illuminating, and smooth skin by reading these apricot face scrub benefits.

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Exfoliation is an essential part of your facecare regime. Not only does it help remove dead skin cells, but it also has a plethora of benefits for your skin. Know how apricot scrubs add on to these skin benefits and what role does the fruit play in helping you get a flawless skin.

Why Apricots?

The fruit with smooth velvety skin, apricot is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is also a rich source of antioxidants. A preferred choice of fruit for healthy glowing skin, there are several cosmetic and natural skin care products with apricots and its kernels. One of the most popular skincare products with apricot is the face scrub. Let’s explore the benefits of apricot face scrub and homemade recipes that you can use anytime.

Apricot Face Scrub Benefits

1. Improves the Skin Tone

Exfoliation, in general, provides you with clearer skin; however, the presence of Vitamin A, B & C, along with magnesium in apricot scrubs, helps rejuvenate the skin instantly. This process also helps in restoring the skin and providing an even and improved skin tone. The scrub enables you to get a natural glow as well.

2. Healthy Moisturizing Barrier for the Skin

The natural oils present in the fruit’s kernels not only remove the dirt in the pores of the face but also creates a natural moisturizing barrier for the skin. These natural oils are light in weight, and thus they provide deep penetration and long-lasting hydration for the skin.

3. Has Anti-aging Properties

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The vitamin C & E present in the fruit is an excellent aid for the skin. Not only do these nutrients help restore the skin’s radiance and elasticity, but they also protect the skin from UV damage and free radicals. UV rays damage is amongst the predominant reasons for premature aging of the skin. Also, regular exfoliation helps you remove the damaged skin cells and surface of the face, revealing healthy skin cells and smoother skin.

4. Removes Dirt and Blackheads

Depending on the product and the recipe you are using for your face, apricot scrubs can help you with gentle as well as deep cleaning of the skin. Apart from exfoliating and removing the dead cells, apricot scrubs efficiently remove deep-seated dirt and blackheads from your skin. The unclogging of the pores also helps you get rid of issues like acne and blemishes, often caused by excess dirt and oil on the face.

Make Your Own Apricot Scrub

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You’ll Need:


  1. Deskin your fruit and blend it in a food processor to make a puree.
  2. Now, add the kernel powder and honey to the puree in a bowl.
  3. If you wish to have a smoother paste add a bit of rose water to the mix
  4. After mixing properly, apply and gently massage on your face and neck.
  5. Massage the scrub for five minutes in a circular motion and leave it on your face to dry for ten minutes after that.
  6. Rinse with cold water and pat dry your face with a microfiber cloth.
  7. Regular use of this scrub can help you get a radiant and glowing face. For best results, apply it twice a week before bedtime or as a part of your morning cleanup routine.

Note: Make sure you do a patch test of the scrub to check for any skin allergies.

How to Conduct a Patch Test

Apply or use a pea-size amount of the recipe on your arm, and monitor the area for 12 hours. If there are any signs of irritation or a rash, discontinue the product immediately.

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