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9 Benefits of Juggling for Mental and Physical Health

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Balance out your physical and mental health with juggling. Learn these benefits of juggling for mental and physical health here.

Benefits of Juggling for Mental and Physical Health1

The Art of Juggling

Juggling is the art of throwing several objects into the air and catching them in such a way that at least one is in the air while the others are in hand or in the process of being tossed up. The trick is to keep the objects in continuous motion. It needs both coordination and precision. Juggling has excellent entertainment value, and the art traces its origins back to Egypt in 2000 BC.

Jugglers became an attraction at traveling circuses and fairs. In recent years, studies on juggling have thrown up exciting benefits apart from its entertainment value. Juggling is shown to bestow both mental and physical advantages. Keep reading the article to know more about the benefits of juggling for mental and physical health.

Benefits of Juggling for Physical Health

1. Equivalent to Exercising

Juggling is an aerobic exercise that helps burn 280 calories an hour, almost the same as walking. It maintains and increases the range of motion in your arms and shoulders, helps maintain shoulder joint mobility, and exercises your shoulders, biceps, chest, and core. It tones your upper body and also helps tone your legs as they maintain balance when you juggle.

2. Improves Co-ordination

Juggling improves hand-eye coordination, reaction time, reflexes, spatial acuity, dexterity, and timing. It also boosts peripheral vision.

3. Suitable for Old Age Too

It is inexpensive and requires no special equipment or place. And since it involves no sweating and no fear of injury, it is suitable for all age groups. Senior citizens who learn juggling can improve their coordination, perform daily activities better and avoid falls and trips as it helps them balance themselves when their body starts to shrink.

Benefits of Juggling for Mental Health

Benefits of Juggling for Mental and Physical Health2

1. Mind Growth

It promotes the growth of neural connections related to memory, focus, movement, and vision. Studies show that juggling can cause certain areas of your brain to grow, especially those responsible for visual and motor activity. It helps improve strategic thinking and concentration.

2. Boosts Confidence and Focus

Also, it teaches you precision, timing, and rhythm as you learn to throw and catch the props with perfect timing and follow a set rhythm or pattern. It boosts confidence levels as you master new tricks and aim for perfection in doing them.

3. Betters Academic Performance

Studies have shown that children who learned to juggle, display better academic performance, reading skills, and the ability to concentrate on their studies.

2. Scope for Perfection

Juggling is both stimulating and calming. It helps you take charge of your actions and plan new challenges as you increase or change the props, increase your juggling speed, or try new variations. It teaches you to learn from your mistakes and practice your craft till you attain perfection. This will help you achieve success in your school, workplace, relationships, or sports.

4. Facilitates Mental Stability

It offers relief from stress as your mind focuses on your art rather than dwell on your problems. It also gives you clarity of mind, makes you mentally capable of facing challenges, and teaches you problem-solving skills.

5. Reduces Degenerative Diseases

Juggling improves your brain’s cognitive functions and wards off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It takes your mind off food and reduces food cravings. It is also found to help give up addictive habits and increased will power.

Learning to juggle not only adds to your skillset but enhances your mental sharpness and improves your physical health. Concentration, patience and the ability to face and strategically meet challenges are some added rewards. If you want to learn to juggle, the below video might help.

We hope you liked the article and you will learn the art of juggling very soon! Good luck with your health.

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