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7 Common Signs Of Stress | Signs And Symptoms Of Stress Overload

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These 7 Signs And Symptoms Of Stress Overload Will Force You To Deeply Introspect Your Health!

When you feel some uncontrollable pressure on your mental and physical health, it’s nothing but stress.  It’s very crucial to determine stress unless it turns into a more severe health issue- Depression.  Over 50-60% of the world’s population, people undergo the phase of stress and tension due to the anxiety of everyday life. Neither you can avoid the daily routine of your life nor is it possible to stop the way you are living. But you can certainly take some measures to eliminate stressful situation with some laughter and interaction with “good” people. It’s not wrong to say that if you are more jolly and confident about your life, half of your tensions will immediately reduce.  It’s the way you take your life and your related action that bring in the worst types of strains.

Relaxation is the best thing that you can try to avoid a sudden blow of stress and tension about a situation. Because of course you can’t just laugh at a dreadful event, but at least you can control your mind to relax and calm down. Stress can bring some underlying ailments with it such as arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart problems and sometimes skin issues. It is because stress hollows out our immune system, which makes us weak to fight with any bacteria or virus.  It can be hard to discover if you are going through stress or not, but the following signs and symptoms of stress overload can help you determine and cure stress.

1. Eating Disorders


This is probably the most common of all other signs and symptoms of stress overload. If you have less or too much urge to eat, then it can be a sign that you are over stressed.  If you don’t take relative measures to cure the source of your stress, it can cause you to lose or gain weight.  Try altering your eating schedules combined with some physical indulgence to balance out your stress. Try to be happy and confident as much as you can!

2. Body Pain

Your body will start aching if it senses high-stress levels and it will soon reflect in health conditions such as stomach ache, ulcers, chest pains, and diarrhea.  Be cautious every time you feel any pain in throughout your body and manage your stress accordingly. In cases of severe ache, you must seek medical attention for a more detailed examination.

3. Sleep Disorders

Address your sleeping patterns, and if you figure out any unnatural change, it’s a sign that you are overstressed. To manage issues related to sleep, you can try meditation as a positive alternative. It provides a peace of mind which is often disturbed by stress.  However, you may also encounter sleep disorders due to age and environmental factors, so study your sleep routine first and take action after that.

4. Lack Of Patience

Stress distorts your thinking abilities and rages your anger impulses, which in turn makes you easily irritable and reduces patience.  If you detect these signs in yourself, it’s high time that you make certain amendments or else it will persist as a habit for the rest of your life.

5. Mood Swings

Certain people feel that they are happy one minute and sad the other and they blame it on any problem that they might have faced. But it’s not the case, the main culprit behind all this is “STRESS.” Stress acts adversely on your mood hormones and creates a disturbance amongst, which makes you experience mood swings. Get help and talk to your elders or friends about it and come up with a solution until it’s too late.

6. Hair Loss

An average person may suffer hair loss due to many factors such as hard water, use of excessive chemicals, and heating your hair every now and then. It’s quite hard to figure out whether your hair loss problem is due to stress or any other factor. Whatever the matter, try to manage your hair loss by contacting a professional.

7. Restlessness

You can’t skip on thinking about your daily life problems, about work issues or you just can’t sit still is what is known to become restless.  Stop thinking about problems all day and try to grab the littlest moment to surround you with happiness.

Here are some steps that you can consider to relieve you from stress and lead a healthy life throughout:

  1. Avoid Caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine.
  2. Increase Physical Activity
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Consider Relaxation Techniques
  5. Increase Social Interaction (not just over the phone but in person)
  6. Manage Your Time
  7. Take Enough Rest
  8. Try To Be Happy
  9. Laugh On The Littles Joke

We hope that if you are under stress, you’ll determine in on right time and take actions to bring your life on a healthy and joyful stage!

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