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Types of Feet Shapes and Their Meanings With Interesting Facts

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Find out more about your personality and your body balance by reading more about the types of feet shapes and their meanings in this article!

Types of Feet Shapes and Their Meanings1

People often delve into their personality profiles through zodiac signs, numerology, and palmistry, to know or confirm specific facts about their own or the lives of their loved ones. However, there is one body part nobody considers for the purpose but it can reveal exciting details about you. Your feet and the shape of your toes can help people know more about you. Let’s find out the different shapes of feet/toes and their meanings.

Types of Feet Shapes and Their Meanings

1. The Roman Foot

Types of Feet Shapes and Their Meanings2

The most common shape of the foot, Roman foot, can be easily identified by the same size of the first three toes of the foot. After that, the last two toes are significantly shorter in length. The foot shape reveals a noble Roman ancestry that conquered nations. So, it is said to belong to people with great charisma, intellectual prowess, and confidence. The foot shape is also associated with the love to travel and conquer new experiences everywhere.

The negative characteristics associated with this foot shape are pride and over-confidence, which may lead to erratic and unreasonable behavior.

2. The Square Foot

Identified with the almost same size of all the toes in the feet, the square foot or rectangle foot is said to belong to analytical people. Along with being extremely hard working and reliable, people with this foot shape are thorough thinkers. They examine all pros and cons of a situation before making a decision and keeping emotions at bay. In other words, people with a square foot are simple, stable, and have a realistic view of the world.

Their analytic nature can be their only negative in a relationship. Too rigid with their principles, they might overlook their partners’ emotional needs before making a decision. However, they are incredibly trustworthy and usually easy-going in relationships.

3. The Greek Foot or Morton’s Toe

Types of Feet Shapes and Their Meanings3

This foot shape can be easily identified by the second toe, which is longer than all the others. In the Greek foot, the second toe not only outshines the biggest toe, but it is so long that it forms a foot shape similar to a triangle. People with creative and innovative minds have this foot shape. Motivated, enthusiastic, and artistic, people with Greek foot make notable athletes and artists. Their personalities are magnetic, and they are also good judges of characters.

The negative qualities associated with this foot shape are their impulsive nature and impatience, which can lead to stress and anxiety for themselves and those around them as well.

4. The Stretched Foot

Identified by the descending order of height and a noticeable downward slant from the biggest toe to the smallest one, the stretched foot denotes a dreamer and an idealist. In addition to valuing experiences more than other things in life, these people are also very expressive and rarely ashamed of their ideas, which may not fit in conventional norms of society.

The negative qualities associated with this foot shape and the personality of the people who have them are extremely moody nature and their tendency to leave reality way behind in their idealistic thoughts. They also value secrecy more than anything, which means they will always have a few secrets up their sleeves.

What is the shape of your feet? Do you identify with these personality traits? Let us know in the comments section!

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