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10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly!

by Kumar Ankit

While building confidence can take months or years but here are 10 simple hacks that will boost your confidence instantly!

Confidence is considered as one of the most important keys to success. It might decide your fate of either success or failure. But self-confidence isn’t like everyone is born with it. If you see someone with high confidence it’s because they have worked for it. Many things determine the level of confidence a person has- it might be the situation, self-esteem, self-value, and many others.

Happiness and Confidence are the prettiest things you can wear – Taylor Swift

What is self-confidence?

Let me put this straight to you – If you believe in yourself you will be confident. But since it becomes really difficult in tough times to keep believing in yourself therefore low confidence issue arises.

Here are 10 simple life hacks that will boost your confidence instantly:

1. Dress up for success

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 1

Fake it until you make it

Dressing up for success is like telling the universe that you want what you came for and will not take NO for an answer. Have you ever seen a 5-year-old dressed up as Spiderman? They start to feel and become like him, ready to jump off the balcony in no time. Now, that’s what dressing up for the success really means. When you feel good about yourself, your self-confidence will boost up!


2.  Workout regularly

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 2

Working out or even going for daily runs can increase the blood flow in all the parts of your body including your brain. When you exercise your body releases chemicals called endorphins, it triggers a positive feeling in the body. Make exercise your best friend, it will help you feel good about yourself, your mental and physical health will improve. In short, it’s one of the best things you can do to boost your confidence instantly.

3. Give your face a gift – A Smile

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 3

Just like exercising, smile stimulates your brain making it release endorphins that will make you feel confident instantly. Smile your way through worries and failures.

Fact: Smile while looking yourself in the mirror. The effect will be amazing for your brain. At first you will have to fake it but eventually seeing yourself smiling back from the mirror will boost your confidence.

4. Change your posture

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 4

Changing your posture can quickly boost your self-confidence and self-worth. Practice mindfulness- When you are not feeling confident, observe your posture if you are in a slouched position quickly change it to an erect back and chest out position. This will trick your brain to feel more confident. This, in turn, will change the way others perceive you.

5. Stop the comparison game10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 5

Due to social media, the comparison game has increased more than ever. The habit of comparing ourselves with others lowers our self-confidence. Seeing those amazing photos of your friends doing “cool” stuff and comparing them with yourself- Triggers your brain to feel inferior about your life or yourself. The best advice would be to limit the usage of social media.

Fact- According to the research by Clarissa Silva, 60 percent of people have reported having lower self-esteem caused by social media.

6. Practice gratitude

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 6

Low self-confidence is fueled by the feelings of insecurities, the feeling of not having enough or not being enough. But in life, we already have so many things that we start taking them for granted. Be it, good parents, friendship, health, relationships and other beautiful things we are blessed to have. Practicing gratitude makes us feel contentful and helps fight dissatisfaction.

A simple way to practice gratitude is to have a “gratitude stone”. It could be any stone picked up from the backyard or garden.  Keep that stone with you and whenever you touch that stone, thank everyone and everything in life. Focus on the positives of life. Keep it beside the table or below your cushion while you sleep. Practice gratitude the first thing in the morning and you will feel motivated and filled with vital energy.

7. Meditate

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 7

Meditation could be your best bud to boost your self-confidence. It acts like a tool to inspect your daily thoughts. Many of them may be fearful, limited or unhealthy, but you are not your thoughts. Meditation helps you to get past them and grow a new, loving and compassionate self.

You need need to spend hours meditating, even 10 minutes a day will work very well.

Here’s a trick by which you can meditate anywhere anytime – Focus on your breathes while sipping coffee, sitting idle, doing daily chores or anytime you want. Let the mind wander but don’t move your focus from the breathe, even better to take deep breathes. This will help you to calm down the wandering monkey in the mind.

8. Practice affirmations

10 Simple Hacks That Will Boost Your Confidence Instantly! 8

It has been proven that positive statements can improve one’s confidence and creative problem-solving, and reduce stress, along with other benefits.

Repeat the affirmations by standing in front of the mirror every day in the morning. For example, say to yourself-

I am full of confidence,

I believe in myself,

Abundant energy flows through me,

This will be my day!

Repeat this until you start believing in it. Affirmations are amazing to boost your self-confidence by tricking your sub-conscious brain into thinking the same.

9. Prepare well

Do your homework before you get anywhere. If you have a speech to give, for example. Prepare well, check the surroundings- Get familiarized. Practice a mock speech imagining the huge crowd.

10. Keep learning

Learning the art of self-confidence, the art of public speaking, personality development or be it reading the body language of people. The more you learn about these things the more you will gain confidence. Keep challenging yourself to learn new things.

Confidence and self-worth can be built over time. Never give up on yourself. These simple hack will surely boost your confidence if you apply them honestly in your life!

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