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Homemade Douche | DIY Douche Bottle

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In this article, we will read about homemade douche and other alternative tools that you can use to clean yourself down there.

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Hygiene is important, and it becomes extra important if you are planning to get some action sometime. Everyone focuses on their body parts that are visible outside but often leaves the butt area as is. Although, if you are planning for something new today, you might wanna clean it up there. You can quickly use some easily accessible items nearby to make yourself a kit to help you clean there thoroughly. In this article, we will read about homemade douche and other alternative tools that you can use to clean yourself down there.

What Is Douching?

Douching is the process of washing the vagina with water or a fluid combination to remove the smell and “clean” the vagina. Most homemade douche treatments comprise vinegar combined with water, although some also contain baking soda or iodine. Some also include antiseptics and perfumes.

Douching can result in adverse effects such as burning and irritation, as well as several problems. These challenges might exacerbate whatever concerns you’re attempting to conceal, such as a strange odor.

Cautions Associated With A Homemade Douche

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Before you proceed, you have to consider the fact of not doing it regularly! As it may cause infections and you may also risk injuries. It makes the electrolyte balance of your body unbalanced if used quite frequently. Also, in some worse cases, you may end up getting a life-threatening problem called – water intoxication

There is no clear evidence or measures as to how many times you can do this practice. But, some say not more than once daily and some say not more than three times a week. Doctors even caution to not do excessive douching as it may lead to the following issues:

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis
  2. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  3. Pregnancy-related problems
  4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  5. Vaginal Dryness
  6. Irritation in the Vagina

Why Homemade Douche?

It generally is a good practice to douche before having anal sex. As it makes things much more pleasant. Some natural unexpected things may happen during sex, and this just avoids that. As, the unexpected guest can surely kill the whole mood, for sure!

So, it is just basic etiquette, to clean the ass, before the sex.

What Other Tools Do We Have?

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There are plenty of tools available in the market for the same purpose. You can get them quite easily, and they are very much accessible as well. 

  • The costly one includes a shower attachment, which is a bit costly as compared to the rest of the things on the list but is quite easy and pleasant to use. This is the most comfortable tool for the purpose, as you can vary the water temperature and the pressure as well for the same.
  • Second on the list is a basic douche kit, which comes with a saline mixture and soft tip bottle, so that you can not hurt yourself down there. It contains the manual as well, so you get to know how you can clean yourself safely!
  • You can get enema kits from the medical shops as well, for the same purpose. They are easily accessible and cheap as well. They are designed to ease constipation and include a soft-plastic bottle with a soft tip. But these are filled with some liquid to help with constipation, therefore, just replace the liquid with water, before proceeding.

But what if you don’t have access to all the above-mentioned things, then we can simply use all the available materials nearby and create a bottle of our own! That’s what we will be learning in this article.

Converting A Water Bottle To A Douche Tool

Inside of your anus is quite sensitive, first of all, you need to make yourself calm! And then, you have to choose the temperature of the water to be comfortable enough. If you use refrigerated water, it may be quite uncomfortable for you! As it can cause cramps in the inside muscles.

Water shouldn’t be too hot as well, even if you feel that water is at a good temperature when you touch it, it burns you, as it touches the inside of your anus. Make sure you get clean water at room temperature, a little hot will also do, but not too much!

You should start by fingering yourself a bit so that muscles in the anus get stretched up for the procedure. You should use a proper lubricant for the purpose. Make sure your hands are clean enough as well. Make sure the tip of the bottle is also lubed up and cleaned before the procedure. Choose a bottle with a narrow mouth and/or attach a rubber straw to the bottle’s head such that it covers the area completely.

Sit above the toilet or a tub, make sure you do this in a bathroom, as it might make a bit of a mess. Relax, take a deep breath! Place the bottle’s tip against your butt hole and gently press the bottle so that it starts filling you from inside. Make sure you don’t make the pressure too high as it might go a little deep and may require a lengthy cleaning procedure. You should relax your rectum muscles at the same time. Make sure you do it slowly so that it doesn’t cause any injury.

The Bottom Line

Douching is a good practice that you can do, before enjoying your sex, as it helps to make it more pleasant. But make sure you don’t overdo it, as it may cause a lot of problems in your body!

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