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Foot Shape Meaning | Foot Shape and Personality

by Kumar Ankit

Discover your foot shape meaning and what foot shape and personality do you have; through this article!

Foot Shape Meaning 1

It is often said that your feet usually represents the type of personality you carry. This may sound superstitious to some but it’s probably not. If you read on the points we have made in this article, you might actually be able to connect it to your personality traits.  The personality judgment through your feet depends on various factors; the main factor being the type of feet you have.  Mainly, you can bifurcate feet types into three types:

1. Egyptian Foot

Such feet type is recognized by the size of the Hallux since it’s the biggest among all the other toes. If you have such feet, you probably have a rebellious attitude towards your problems. Apart from being a daydreamer, you admire nature more than anything superficial. Such people get upset easily when they feel ignored or unsatisfied. They have a complaining trait, which makes it difficult for others since they have to put a lot of efforts to satisfy them.

2. The Greek Foot

If you notice your second toe being the longest among others, you have a greek foot.  If you do fall under this category, you are blessed with well-developed creativity. Such people have a keen interest in sports and they remain calm even in crooked situations. They are the perfect definition of a motivator and are always kind towards other individuals.

3. The European (or the Straight) Foot

Unlike the other types, every toe in this foot category is of the same size. Such people are more inclined to justice and believe in hard work. They act in a friendly manner and are always confident and faithful.

Some more facts about foot shape and personality:

  • People with small feet love their life.
  • Large feet are characteristics of people with the greatest desire to succeed in new ventures.
  • Crooked toes are a sign of surrender, long ones denote ambition, and a very large big toe indicates a higher degree of rationality!

But are these facts about foot shape meaning true? Well, in some cases this might be true, but in others, they might not be. Was this true for you?

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