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How To Take Ginger Detox Bath | Benefits And Side Effects

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Get rid of toxins responsible for your deteriorating health away from your body by taking a ginger detox bath regularly. Read more about it in the article!

This admittedly sounds weird when we say we can use ginger in our bath, but yes, it is a fantastic remedy to detox your body. This is not only affordable and healthy but also is incredibly easy to do as ginger promotes sweating, which helps your body to get rid of toxins. This method can also help ease your muscle pain. The ancient people have been using ginger for a very long time now suggesting medicinal benefits of ginger as it can be used as dry, wet, powdered, or in the form of oil or juice.


Why take a ginger detox bath

Ginger bath is useful when you are sick or if you are suffering from cold, cough, or flu. Some people also take a ginger bath to detox after a big night or a holiday. Also, various reports claim that ginger bath helps in metabolism, proper digestion, reduces inflammation, and increases blood circulation.

Again the new generation might feel it as invalid, but as it leads to the relaxing bathtub sessions to soak and relax your body a bit, it’s genuinely not a bad idea to head.

Additional Add-on Ingredients:

Ginger Detox Bath2

Epsom Salt is well known for its benefits related to the body. It is a naturally occurring mineral compound out of magnesium and sulfate. It works on the chemical level of the body to absorb magnesium into our body, which helps to relieve stress and also helps in increasing stamina. For this, you will have to mix ginger paste and the Epsom salt in the hot boiling water and add to the bathing water for better results.

How to take a ginger detox bath

Women taking detox bath

  1. Fill your tub up with enough hot water to soak your whole body.
  2. While the water is still, hot add 2 cups of grated ginger or 4 tbsp powdered ginger in the tub.
  3. Now add 2 cups of Epsom salt into the water.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water as you will be sweating throughout this session.
  5. Enter the tub and submerge your complete body into the tub except for the head.
  6. Inhale the scent of the bath and relax. You can stay inside for at least 20 minutes to fully detox your body.
  7. Keep a cold, damp towel nearby to avoid overheating, which usually happens while taking a ginger detox bath.
  8. Once you are satisfied with the bath, step out and wrap a towel or bathrobe as the effect continues for at least an hour.
  9. This detox session can be performed twice a month to purify and detox your body.

The Actual Benefits of Ginger Detox Bath:

  1. Helps the body to produce gastric juices
  2. Increases alertness
  3. Improves metabolism
  4. Neutralizes Vitamins A, D, E
  5. Boosts energy
  6. Helps in Weight Loss
  7. Helps to reduce menstrual cramps
  8. Lowers the cholesterol
  9. Helps burn Calories
  10. Freshens your breath
  11. Helps in blood circulation
  12. Reduces motion sickness
  13. Helps to treat migraines
  14. Reduces flu and cold
  15. It is a great way to spend some time with yourself to take care of yourself –
  16. It is incredibly relaxing and can make over a night’s sleep
  17. Helps soothe your muscle and joint pains too

Another good thing about a ginger detox bath is that it is very much affordable and hardly takes any time to prepare. Half an hour is more than enough to detox your body quickly at home.

Side Effects Of Ginger Detox Bath!

The side effects apply only to those people who have susceptible skin and are allergic to ginger.

  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness
  • Skin Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle soreness

How to reduce Side Effects?

To reduce the side effects, it is always to do a patch test by just soaking your feet in the ginger mixture for 5 minutes before actually taking a bath. Also, avoid taking a shower for more than 20 minutes. Do it only once or twice a month.

Frequently asked questions:

frequently asked questions

1. Does it work?

Although the studies have limited data on this, experiences from different bloggers and health experts prove that it is a right and natural way to detox your body. Also, according to a few health experts – reading books while taking a bath is said to set your mind and body free completely. The ancient greek people used ginger as the primary medicinal product on their skin, which sums to a bit of relaxation to the mind.

2. Are these kinds of bath Safe?

Yes, the detox bath is safe to try except for a few people – pregnant women, children, and people who are impaired with kidneys. Always make sure to drink plenty of water before, after, and during the detox sessions as it will hydrate you. Also, get out of the tub immediately if you feel any irritation and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

3. What to expect after a detox bath?

People have to rest for at least an hour after a ginger bath to see its results. So it is recommended to take a ginger bath before bedtime.

4. What not to do before and after a detox bath?

  1. Always make sure you dry brush your body with a loofah before the bath to stimulate the lymphatic system, which will widely increase the release of toxins in your body. Use long sweeping motions towards the heart for better results.
  2. Always make sure not to use any harsh soaps or lotions on your skin for at least one day, so that no reaction happens to your skin as the pores are wide open after the bath.
  3. If you still wish to use any moisturizer, then it is better to use coconut oil on your body to avoid any reactions.
  4. We don’t advise to take a detox bath for hair as it may harm your scalp and hair. So make sure to tie your hair or cover it before diving into the tub.
  5. Finally, make sure you completely relax while having a bath so that both your body and mind relax together for better results.

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