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Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits + Star Apple Leaves Tea Recipe

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Read this article to know star apple leaves health benefits for your body. Also, learn how to make star apple tea at the end of this article.

Know More About the Star Apple Leaves

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Cultivated in tropical regions, the star apple tree is an evergreen tree that has multiple medicinal uses. The botanical name of the plant is ‘Chrysophyllum cainito.’ All the parts of the tree have fantastic health benefits. However, the leaves are the easiest to use and can be easily incorporated in your diet to reap its health-benefiting properties.

The leaves of the tree are oval in shape, and they grow up to fifteen centimeters in height. The leaves can be turned used in the form of tea, ointments, and decoctions.

Star Apple Leaves Health Benefits

1. Heals Wounds

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He extracts from the star water leaves have healing properties. Moreover, the leaves are a rich source of phenolic compounds known for their antioxidant properties. The leave extracts, when applied topically, heal wounds at a much faster pace. The leaves can be crushed and applied directly to the injury. However, these days, people mix them with other ingredients and use them in the form of ointment or gel.

2. Improves Oral Health

The antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties of star apple leaves make it an ideal ingredient for a natural mouthwash. Not only does the beneficial properties of the leaves kill the bacteria in the mouth, but it also treats existing dental diseases and oral infections you may have.

3. Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

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Ointments and concoctions made with star apple leaves are extremely helpful in treating chronic pains and inflammation. This is because of the leaves’ anti-inflammatory and anti-hypersensitive properties. The leaves are also useful in managing neuropathic pain.

4. Helps Ease Stomach Ache

Star apple leaves have emollients that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to soothing the stomach, the leaves are also beneficial in providing long term relief when taken moderately. The antioxidant properties of the leaves also help detoxify the body.

How to Make Star Apple Leaves Tea

star apple tea

Boil a cup of water and turn off the heat. Now add a few star apple leaves to the water and cover the pot or cup you have the hot water in. After that, let the leaves sit in the water for a few minutes. Drink this refreshing tea with your breakfast or in the evening.

The leaves are incredibly beneficial and are natural. However, they can have side effects if you take them in high quantities. Therefore, people with health issues or pregnant women should take them under medical supervision. So, make sure you consult with your doctor if you plan to consume the leaves or concoctions made with them.

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