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Why Should We Avoid Sugar | Negative Impacts Of Sugar

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Here are some logical reasons why should we avoid sugar intake as much as possible to stay healthy and fit always!

Unnatural Sugar

Sugar is one such soluble carbohydrate that is naturally present in a variety of fruits and food. Everything has pros and cons, so does the sugar. Although, it is one such thing that doubles up the flavor of certain dishes like bakery items, in particular, such as, cakes, pastries, and biscuits, etc. In today’s fast pacing and glamorous world, everyone is literally craving to have a zero figure, like any model and celebrity. Well, there is nothing nasty about it as we grow in a society where we pay a lot of attention to shapes and sizes. So, if you want to stay fit and fine, having information about sugar intake is quite mandatory before you begin to follow your diet plans. One molecule of sugar is precious as well as disastrous to your health!

Why Should We Avoid Sugar

There is a number of healthy food items too that contain sugar like certain fruits and vegetables etc. Consuming everything in a limit would provide no harm to your lifestyle. But let’s talk about how excess sugar can have adverse effects on your health and why should we avoid sugar.

1. No Nutritional Value

There is no important nutrient in sugar, which you compulsorily need for the body rather it’s kind of a hollow calorie. So, when you add it to any of the food item or any drink, it just multiplies the number of calories which has no nutritional benefit. Hence, resulting in weight gaining or other health problems. Also, it’s not a source of good energy at all as many myths about sugar claim. But eating items that naturally have sugar contains beneficiary nutrients, minerals, and good fiber content that are quite healthy. So, it’s advisable to not consume artificial sugar in higher amounts and rather stick to the natural sources more.

2. Obesity

Why should we avoid sugar

People especially teenagers and youngsters are in a race to follow the trend of being beautiful as per the societal norms to attract and impress others. Therefore, they tend to starve themselves which leads to several eating disorders too. Whereas, underweight people start eating junk and sweets in great amounts which leads to excessive weight gain. This weight gain comes from eating sugar-sweetened beverages or sweet dishes that contain fructose. What exactly happens is that we tend to consume fructose which increases our hunger desires and ultimately forces our body to eat more. In simple words, these sugary beverages never put a barrier to your hunger, in fact, increases it and ultimately results in obesity and accumulation of belly fat.

3. Tooth Decay

Our elders always warn us since childhood to avoid eating excess chocolates and other sweets items and in some way, that’s valid too. All these obviously have high levels of sugar that stay on our teeth for a long time and the bacteria form a thin layer of plaque. You’ll understand it better in the following equation:-
Sugar + bacteria = Acid Formation (To  get a better understanding, visit Wikipedia.)
This acid damages your teeth to the core. Moreover, it causes cavities that develop tiny openings in the teeth. A dental problem can pain a lot as well as rise difficulty in eating. Therefore, it not recommended to consume sugary products much especially at younger ages. If someone still happens to consume much sugar, he/she must pay attention to the cleansing of the mouth.

4. Cardiac Diseases

Why should we avoid sugar2

The higher the intake of unnatural sugar, the higher the risk of getting a heart disease. A great amount of sugar overloads the liver, which in turn, converts the carbohydrates into fat, therefore, storing fat excessively. Hence, causing fatty liver disease, then diabetes and ultimately a cardiac illness. As too much sugar triggers blood pressure, the risks of a heart attack or a stroke increase to a great extent.

5. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health issues that a higher intake of sugar may infect you with. Eating sugary items increases the level of blood sugar or blood glucose in the body. So, a high sugar diet would result in insulin resistance as well as obesity which is the main reason behind the diagnosis of diabetes.

6. Skin Related Problems

Skin related problem

Apparently, sugar is a wholesome carbohydrate that results in pumping off acne on your skin. Eating a high level of sugary food would increase insulin levels in the body, therefore, it causes inflammation throughout the skin and develops chronic acnes. This inflammation causes the blemishes to get extra red and painful as well. Some people, in fact, may also suffer from itchy skin after eating unnatural sugar while some even suffer bloating.

7. Mood

There is no doubt that eating too much sugar increases the risk of mood disorders such as depression. It is because eating sugar in more amounts would increase glucose in the blood which can cause irritability, insomnia, excessive sweating or fatigue, etc. As discussed earlier, it has no healthy nutrients which can alter your mood. Instead, put you in a vulnerable situation. Also, if you have anxiety, binging on sugar is more like an addiction to some drug. It’s highly dangerous because it reduces the body’s ability to respond to stress. And then trying to withdraw from the sugar would almost give you a panic attack.

That’s all you need to know and work upon your lifestyle by decreasing the amount of sugar in your diet. You can prefer to have natural sugar in your diet that comes from all your fruits and vegetables, jaggery, etc and sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and phytonutrients. So if you’re at the stage where you really can’t resist sugar, you can rather substitute processed sugar with some of these alternatives! Lastly, Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough.

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