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6 Shocking Cat Whiskers Plant Health Benefits

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Read about cat whiskers plant health benefits and what makes this herbal plant unique and favorable by a large mass of people.

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A native to tropical areas of Asia, cat whiskers are easily recognizable by their strikingly long, whisker-like stamens sticking out of the plant’s flower lips. The herb belongs to the mint family and is a popular tea ingredient in parts of Europe. The tea made from the leaves of the plant is also popular by the name of java tea. The eye-catching plant is a natural cure for various problems, including kidney and bladder infections.

Cat Whiskers Plant Health Benefits

1. Heals Kidney and Bladder Disorders

Another name for the cat whiskers plant is kidney plant, as it has kidney saving benefits. The tea made from cat whisker leaves (java leaves) can naturally eliminate kidney stones, up to five centimeters in size. The medicinal herb can also treat acute and chronic kidney infections, urinary tract and bladder infections, and frequent urination issues.

2. Helps Treat Respiratory Issues

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An effective natural remedy for cough and asthma, taken moderately and in the right amount, the herb can treat various other issues, including short breath and nerve-related problems. You can also mix this herb with other beneficial and medical herbs to prepare a health-benefiting concoction.

3. Treats Inflammation and Arthritis

The anti-inflammatory properties of the pant’s leaves help in treating acute and chronic arthritis. In addition to that, the plant has enzymes that help relieve you from gout. The flavonoids and natural acids of the plant lessen pain, providing much-needed relief from arthritis pain.

4. Aids Weight Loss

Java tea is known for its cleansing properties. Not only does it act as a natural detox for the body that helps you lose toxins and excess water, but it also aids weight loss. You can easily find teabags, supplement capsules, and extracts of the plant in the market by the name as java tea or supplements.

5. Regulates Blood Sugar

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The plant extracts can effectively regulate the levels of glucose, treating conditions like sugar and diabetes. However, medical consultation is recommended for people suffering from other health conditions or are planning to completely switch to this natural ingredient for their treatment.

6. Treats Skin Conditions

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the plant treat various skin conditions and infections, including minor cuts and bruises. In addition to the tea made from the leaves, the oil extracted from the plant is an effective treatment for dryness, patchy skin, and rough skin. So, topical application of cat whisker’s plant oil can help you get moisturized and supple skin.

How to Prepare Java Tea

How To Prepare Java Tea

Finely chop around four to five leaves and add them to a cup of boiling water. After that, turn off the heat and cover the pot so that the leaves brew in hot water for five to ten minutes. Finally, strain the tea and enjoy this health-benefiting beverage.

A Word of Precaution

As regular consumption of java tea reduces the sodium levels in the body, it should be consumed moderately. Also, pregnant women should avoid drinking this tea.

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