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Cetrimonium Chloride Bad For Hair | Effects Of Chloride On Hair

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Is cetrimonium chloride bad for hair? Find the answer to your question in this article and make amendments to your hair care routine as required!

“You are never fully dressed without good hair.” Every individual is conscious of their hair when he/she goes out to attend any event. It is because they are the major source of attention and gives an overall look at our attire and personality. If you want beautiful hair, it needs to be taken care of. It takes a few efforts to maintain the hygiene and beautification of your hair.
Sometimes, we tend to use the wrong products without knowing its reverse effects and end up spoiling our hair.

What is Cetrimonium Chloride?

Cetrimonium Chloride or CTAC is an emulsifier, surfactant and quaternary ammonium salt that is used in hair conditioners, shampoo, dyes, and other personal hair care products. By appearance, it is clear water-like liquid with an alcohol-like odor. It is a conditioning agent that is usually used with other two ingredients, namely, Cetrimonium bromide and Steartrimonium chloride. These three work in a group to prevent the development of “static electricity”.

What is the static electricity in hair?

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When two opposite objects are rub against each other, electrons from one object get transferred to others, which leads to an electric charge. No moisture in the air or hot ambiance at home etc can worsen the hair condition as it creates more friction. Our hair appears frizzy and moisture-less in such condition as well as one faces difficulty in combing them too.
Cetrimonium chloride also vanishes the odor by thwarting the growth of microorganisms.
Every product has its pros and cons.

Cetrimonium chloride bad for hair

Cetrimonium chloride is mainly present in many commercial shampoos to prevent the static and buildup in the hair. But if we consider its effects on the hair, it can be dangerous and hazardous to your hair. If used for a longer time, it can affect the color of your hair and also make them dry and dehydrated. This happens because it potentially strips off the protective layer of your hair and makes it vulnerable to damage.

The Solution?

It’s highly advisable to use natural products to keep your hair healthy and shiny. But with the increase in environmental pollution, natural products might not work well to clear all the dirt and dust from the hair. Yet you can combine different organic ingredients to process a homemade shampoo to avoid commercial shampoos. Even if you go for commercial shampoos, you should always choose the ones without any type of chemicals. Keep in mind that your shampoo doesn’t contain chloride or sulfate, as these can deteriorate your hair’s health.

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